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7 Types of Wedding Planners

A multitude of aspects goes into planning a wedding. Choosing the ideal wedding venue, photographer, florist, and other details. Though you might not be aware of it, there are several categories of wedding planners. From day-of coordinators to destination event designers, you may choose from a wide range of planning specialists and services to help you realise your dream party. It’s vital to keep in mind that a wedding expert could offer a range of services. While some designers and some planners may have certain traits, not all designers and not all planners possess these attributes. Some wedding planners can also be designers, stylists, and organisers. This might be a little cryptic to understand, but it is all because a planner’s responsibilities are inherently broader than, say, those of a stylist, whose skills are quite specialised.

Wedvendors has listed some categories of wedding planners below with proper descriptions of each.

  • Full-Service Wedding Planner

 Full Time wedding PlannerThose who need detailed instructions and a qualified voice from the beginning should hire a full-service wedding planner. The wedding planner is responsible for overseeing every element of the event, including the florals, the venue, vendor meetings, timeframes, and guest management. These all-inclusive wedding planners are perfect for people who lead busy lives and don’t have time to focus on or worry about wedding planning.

  • Month-Of Planner

month of plannerEven if a couple intends to do most of the wedding planning themselves, they should still consider hiring a month-of planner to assist alleviate stress when things become hectic. In the days and weeks preceding a wedding, month-of planners are experts at stepping in to address any unanticipated hiccups. They may also assist with other last-minute tasks that need to be completed, such as arranging deliveries at what will probably be the busiest period of your engagement, completing vendor payments, and final contract discussions.

  • Weekend Wedding Coordinator

 Weekend wedding plannerA wedding weekend organiser is necessary to make sure everything operates properly for couples who have many days of events planned and a huge number of guests to keep track of. He or she will be in charge of planning the actual wedding day but can also help with welcoming guests and planning any events that are not related to the wedding, such as the rehearsal dinner or morning-after brunch.

  • Day-of Coordinator

 Day of PlannerA day-of planner will meet with their customers a few times before to the wedding to develop a game plan, but their primary duty is to supervise everything that happens on the wedding day itself – nothing else. Consider them to be the experienced equivalent of your friend or family member who offers to “operate” things on your wedding day. A day-of planner usually helps the wedding party as required, greets suppliers and directs them to their right locations, oversees the setup and deconstruction of the wedding decor, and makes sure that the day goes as smoothly as possible. You’ll be in charge of arranging the wedding and wrapping up any loose ends before the big day.

  • Destination Wedding Coordinator

 Destination Wedding PlannerA couple arranging a wedding from a distance must appoint a destination wedding planner. When you and your fiancé(e) cannot easily visit your wedding venue, having a dependable expert or someone who is highly knowledgeable about preparing weddings in your destination is ideal. When you can’t be there in person, a destination wedding coordinator may assist you in finding locations, meeting with vendors, and getting a first-hand account of everything. Additionally, they’ll let you know about pertinent, locally relevant facts that you might not be aware of, such as weather patterns, local attractions, travel tips, and traditional customs and beliefs.

  • Part-Time Planner

 Part time plannerAll of the skills of a full-time wedding planner are offered by part-time wedding planners, but only for the aspects of your choice. Part-time wedding planners can help couples in two ways. The first is recommending vendors. Planners can provide you with a list of dependable professionals to deal with since they invest time in developing connections with suppliers. Your planner would be on hand to give design support and on-site implementation while you handled the approaching, haggling, and managing.

  • Event Designer

event designerEvent designers and event stylists are different from wedding planners. They are experts that will assist you only with the aesthetic aspects of your wedding. Tasks like picking a colour scheme, making lovely tablescapes, or selecting the ideal rentals to make your cocktail lounge space come to life are included. Given the frequent collaboration between event stylists and wedding planners, many planners have honed strong design senses. However, your planner could also wish to engage with a stylist to elevate your special day.

Which of these wedding planners do you think is the best fit for you? On our vendor page, we have a comprehensive list of the top wedding planners in India. If you have made up your mind and are ready to make a decision, click HERE.


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