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Trending Bridal Accessories For D-Day

The wedding season is officially here, so it’s time to look into all the current trends to keep your bridal look drool-worthy and voguish. Since you will be the centre of attention on this special day, it is crucial that you look stunning and set the fashion standard for future brides. At this point, accessories become quite important. Choosing the appropriate accessory can quickly improve your appearance and make you stand out. Whether you add the oomph factor with those custom-made ballerinas or the latkans or jhumkas to your bridal ensemble, accessorising will undoubtedly help you achieve the look of your dreams on your special day.

Wedvendors has listed some of the top accessories that will help a bride to enhance her bridal look. All upcoming brides should consider the following accessories for their special day.

  • Maang Tikaas

bridal maang tikaBridal maang tikkas come in many different varieties. Pick your favourite style, then use it to enhance your appearance. Choose alternatives like double or multi-tier mattha pattis for a unique look if you want a bolder mang tikka. Brides who prefer to keep things simple can choose the one-tier plain mattha pattis for an exquisite appearance. Other common designs include the half-mattha patti in the nawabi style, which is worn horizontally to create a stunning appearance. Before purchasing a maang tikka, consider its weight and if you can carry it off.

  • Armlets

 bridal armletsIn order to give your arms a dressier appearance, an armlet is worn on the upper hand. The armlets complement the mehendi to create a lovely appearance. Many South Indian women wear traditional armlets in gold tone, making it a long-standing bridal ornament. But today, armlets come in a huge variety of shapes and variations with contemporary twists. You can choose from the clutch, chain, bangle, choker, or thread styles. Examine and contrast the various styles. They are also referred to as “Bhajubands” and come in platinum and silver with multicoloured stones set into them. You can therefore be guaranteed to discover the ideal bhajuband to match your clothing and jewellery, regardless of your own preferences.

  • Statement Rings

 Bridal statement ringsToday’s most popular accessory is the bold and imposing large rings. These enormous rings are very popular among women. When picking minimum accessories, a single ring would be sufficient to add just the appropriate amount of bling to your look. For a sophisticated appearance, pick from a variety of designs, shapes, and colours and match them with your clothing.

  • Anklets Bridal anklets

An exquisite pair of intricate anklets look absolutely stunning when paired with the bridal lehenga and your wedding heels. Women certainly have a wide range of choices, don’t they? There can be times when your wedding attire shows a small portion of your ankles. Put an end to your concerns about being photographed up close by accessorising your ankles with elegant anklets. Pick anklet variations with gorgeous beads, crystals, and other stones that are either classic or modern.

  • Footwear

    Bridal Footwear

Selecting the ideal bridal sandal or footwear can be challenging. The days when the bride would timidly watch the entire event are long gone. Girls of today are constantly on the go, and their footwear preferences reflect this need for a good balance of fashion and comfort. Platform heels with embellishments and embroidery, ethnic wedges, and strappy sandals are all trendy.

If you’ve never worn heels before, skip them. However, if you’ve worn heels before and want to slightly increase your height, pick the most practical pair of shoes that work for you. Wear the shoes inside your house to prevent unsightly and unpleasant shoe bites.

  • Wedding Purse

 Bridal PotliAnother fashionable bridal item this wedding season is a potli or chic clutch. To complete their ensemble, brides can hold hefty zari-work potlis in golden or silver. Bags that have been heavily embellished with beads and stones always give the styling more glitz. And f

inally, classic clutches will always be in style.

  • Hair ornamentsbridal hair ornaments

Avoid going excessive with the hair ornaments and pick the appropriate accessories to go with your hairstyle. Yet again, there are a variety of options and designs. Choose one while taking your hair professionals’ recommendations and the planned haircut into consideration. The traditional tiara is making a resurgence, and many brides are donning one for a stunning, Fairytale look. Adding jewellery will glam up your plaits if you are a South Indian bride. When it comes to hair accessories, choose classy hues that are not overly flamboyant.

  • Nose Ring Bridal Nose Ring

A nose ring can draw attention and dramatically change the way you seem. Brides can ensure that the emphasis is constantly on them by wearing anything from little nose rings to huge, dangling nose rings. Nose rings go perfectly with either the traditional saree or the lehenga that you will wear for your wedding. Choose a style with care based on your preferences. To feel comfortable wearing them, make sure to practise wearing them in advance.


Ladies, you are now properly informed regarding the essential bridal accessories. For a properly balanced bridal appearance, therefore, carefully plan it out and include it in your clothing. Moreover, keep in mind that the accessories you select should complement rather than detract from your wedding attire. Go easy on the glitter if your outfit is excessively heavy and embellished with intricate details.





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