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5 Tips For A Fun-Filled Wedding At Your Ancestral House

An ancestral home holds much more significance than one can express. The ancestral home holds so many memories in its bosom that it fills one’s heart with warmth and love. If the ancestral house means so much to you, why not get hitched here instead of a luxurious hotel. Wedding Affair guarantees you that getting wedded at the ancestral house will be as heartwarming as it can get and you are not going to regret it even a bit. It shall make for the best wedding venue for you. Here are the top 5 tips for a fun-filled wedding at your ancestral house.

  1. Pool Party


Organise an exuberant poolside party as a pre-wedding event. Amidst the homely comfort you, as well as your guests, are bound to make the most of the moment. A pool party is sure to get everyone in a lively mood.

  1. Outdoor Haldi ceremony


An outdoor haldi ceremony is a must when you are getting hitched at your ancestral home. Make use of all the generous space that you have and transform it into a venue perfect for an outdoor haldi ceremony.

  1. Lighted Lane


A brightly adorned lane is sure to elevate the whole vibe of your venue in an instant. A lighted lane shall certainly liven up your ancestral home for a truly exciting wedding experience.

  1. Classy Dinner setting


A modish and sophisticated dinner setting where the two families mingle with each other is an absolute must. Let your dinner time be soothing with an exotic outdoor setting.

  1. Grand Farm House Wedding


Go all traditional when it comes to the wedding ceremony. A grand and exquisite wedding setup in your ancestral home is going to leave your wedding guests in awe.

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