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Wedding Planning: Save Or Splurge

So the list of things that are draining your good looking wallet out is just growing and growing and you seem to have overshot your wedding by a gazillion times over? Here is a quick list of things where you should look at splurging/cutting back! – Choosing your Wedding Date: Be smart, this could lead to MAJOR savings So of course, we know that your panditji is most likely to govern your wedding date but hang on a second. If by any chance your family isn’t that superstitious, try and get a wedding date in offseason. The discounts you get are UNBELIEVABLE

  • Photographers can charge up to 40% lesser in offseason

  • Hotel rates halve in offseason

  • Caterers give heavy discounts!

  • Know which materials are cheaper and still look good

  • Know which flower costs more/ less than the other so that your decorator is not taking you for a ride.

  • We recently attended a wedding where the decor was done in strips of printed fabric and lace- zero flowers and just some hanging frames and fabric which made for a stunning English-vintage look

  • Try some DIY Centrepieces 

  •  Similarly- do your own mehendi decor with hanging silk sarees with tea lights on the walls, putting out large platters with coloured powder and using candles and marigolds to do the trick

  • Getting an indoor venue will cut your decor budget by about half! So keep that in mind while choosing your venue.

  •  Wedding Outfit: Stick to Budget This may come as a surprise to you, but fix a budget in your head of the amount you want to spend on your outfit and stick to it (One month of the girl’s salary is a good estimate). You can get a DREAM outfit for much lesser with the few following neat little tricks:

  • Customise your dream outfit by removing unnecessary borders etc: Just a couple of minor deletions.

  • Look for outfits with lighter work, but ones that still have drama and elegance

  • A lighter skirt with a super heavy blouse and two dupattas works wonders and is much cheaper than a heavier skirt

  • Don’t compromise on fabrics- choose the best quality silks, velvets and georgettes. They are the ones that make a lehenga look more expensive than it is.

  • Shop around: Most shops in Delhi carry variants of the same lehengas. Make sure you compare notes before finalising.

  • Look out for sales and promotions in lean seasons! 

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