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When the bride and groom come together to get wedded, you encounter an infusion of many traditions, making Indian weddings historically fascinating and culturally rich. Today’s wedding themes include not only the fusion of many Indian traditions but have also progressively started combining specific western customs, giving the whole event a dreamlike and special experience. Apart from meeting and blessing the bride and groom, the wedding venue’s cuisine impresses guests since they appreciate trying the unusual foods and taking use of your caterers’ services. For this reason, you should only work with the best caterers for your wedding, especially those that have expertise in handling the kind of event you have in mind. Even if it’s a crucial one, selecting a competent caterer is only one part of arranging your wedding. To wow the guests and stay on your game so that everyone loves the ceremony as much as the bride and groom, you also need to be aware of the most recent trends in wedding catering.

Wedvendors is presenting a few fresh cuisine trends that will dominate the wedding catering sector:

  • Narrate A Story with The Menu

Wedding Menu
Narrate Your Story!

Today, the menus for every wedding include more than just a mix of classic and contemporary cuisine. To determine when and what meals will be served, a detailed plan is created. It frequently draws inspiration from the tale of the married couple’s developing love or from a theme they want to convey via cuisine. The couple may wish to tell their love story via the woodwork that is being presented in order to better connect with their guests. Likewise, the cuisine must be prepared accordingly because theme-based weddings will continue to be popular in the coming years. After all, a wedding with a Rajasthani theme cannot have a meal with South Indian cuisine.

  • Zero Wastage of Food

No wastage of food
Accurate Portion OF Meal!

The pandemic has taught us many things, including the value of food and the mayhem it can wreak on those who can’t obtain much of it. Weddings are another event where a lot of food is wasted. This tendency will undoubtedly alter in the coming months when the wedding planner and caterer will have to coordinate to create a strategy to guarantee there is no food waste. Smaller amounts, personalised portions, interactive food stations where visitors may learn what to anticipate from the food they are going to consume, and separate tasting counters are some ways to do this.

  • Sticking To the Roots

Sticking to your roots with the cuisine
Going Local!

No matter where in the world you go, comfort food will always be alluring. Regional cuisine that the bride and groom grew up eating has a specific place in wedding meals in addition to exotic cuisine. Nothing tastes better than your grandmother’s hearty dishes, so it’s crucial to keep your culture and traditions in mind while you organise, you’re wedding. We believe you concur with this. Follow the most recent trends, but not to an extreme. Maintain a unique and enticing menu by including your own suggestions.

  • Customised cuisine

 customised food
Serve it, like you Like it!

The menus for special occasions such as weddings are becoming a more popular platform for couples to connect with their guests and share personal anecdotes. These days, couples aren’t embarrassed to ask their families for comfort foods, meals that bring back memories of a certain holiday or celebration, the meal they had on their first date, their first anniversary, or other special occasions. Asking about foods that are special to them or dishes that bring back fond memories is an intriguing way to engage couples in conversation about their meal planning. Take your guests on a journey with your customised cuisine by making it a storyline.

  • Nutrition is Important

Nutritious food
Health Priority!

Wedding caterers have had to rethink their menus and provide more healthy alternatives due to the rising emphasis on health. The meals at weddings have been increasingly moving toward healthier alternatives. Superfood-filled recipes made from primarily natural ingredients are in high demand. Popular foods include quinoa, asparagus, artichokes, oats, fresh berries, and others. Rather than live-cooked or fried cuisine, people like grilled and baked items. Foods that are sugar-free, gluten-free, or vegan are also growing in popularity.

Throughout India, wedding ceremonies are lavish affairs. The primary goal remains to please each guest, even though the pandemic has decreased the crowds and made weddings more intimate. Weddings are successful when the ambience, services, hygiene, and food quality are all top-notch. And in order to achieve this, you must work with wedding catering companies that provide flawless services across the board. Visit Wedvendor, with hundreds of vetted caterers and service providers nationwide, to help you save time and get the finest caterer in your area.


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