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The Scent Of Flowers- Daniël Ost

With an infinite passion for flowers shared with his beloved daughter Nele Ost, Daniël Ost is a name synonymous with international floral designing. Spined by his wife Marie-Ann Ost, the Belgian designer began in the late ‘70s to cover the world with his floral designs. Painted on the canvas of his colours, you’ll find contemporary inspirations strictly drawn from nature. With numerous books and notable accolades, Daniël Ost, one of the world’s leading floral designers, has several feathers attached to his hat. His designs are an absolute delight to the eyes as they take you into the floral galaxy within the first glance. Being heiress to this beautiful Ost-duo heritage, Nele has her dreams carved into reality. With her floral-design lineage, and fashion-hospitality expertise, she has the right combination of everything to take Daniël Ost up a few notches.

‘Which is your favourite installation?’ is a question we frequently get asked, and to be very honest, it’s like choosing between your children. Each and every project that my daughter Nele and I have done, has a very special meaning to us. Sometimes, it’s a very complex logistical challenge to get all the flowers at the right place at the right time, while at others the clients are so amazing that excitement to work along reaches another high. We look differently at projects than outsiders. While we see the magic behind the design phase, the complexity and the quest for inspiration, many guests just see the finished product. What sometimes appears quite simple to them, could’ve been an absolute backbreaker to pull!

We’ve done many Indian weddings in the past, we’ve always loved them for their grandeur. What is really nice about Indian weddings is that the client often joins us along in defining the whole creative path. They think with us and often, already have a very specific idea of what they want. Other than that, Indian weddings are always very colourful, very positive and very outgoing. We don’t have any specific projects lined up at the moment, but hopefully, we’ll see that ball rolling again. Working in India or with Indians is always a memorable experience!

Daniël Ost with daughter

Daniël Ost designs have never evolved thinking about trends. People come to us because they want to be ahead of trends, because they want something unique. However, chalking a map for current trends, we have an impression that ‘old school’ is making a huge come back. Old techniques and flowers which were popular in the ‘70s and ‘80s are coming back, left and right. Not only in flowers, but also in fashion and architecture, ‘old’ is creating a trend. However, we stand by our credo ‘to be the best, stay ahead of the trends’. Having said so, this secret knowledge stays in our vaults and is showcased only through our creations. Text cannot justify the real impression of an artist!


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