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The happiest moment in your life is when you are married to the person of your dreams. Your ideal wedding must be the one you have envisioned from the beginning, and it must be nothing less than a fairytale. Prior to the celebrations, a wedding involves extensive planning, from the invitations to the venue, menus to the music, and all other details. The time has come for the soon-to-be married couple to select their wedding rings after months of careful planning. The preferences of millennial couples have changed along with the times, whether it is the colour of the wedding attire or the modification of the seven vows exchanged.  Couple rings are the best way to express your affection for that particular someone in a way that is as special as the bond you two have. Couple rings are worn to show your devotion to one another and typically depict the move from dating to engagement. However, the significance of couples’ rings varies from couple to couple.

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  • Toi Et Moi

Toi Et Moi RingThe Toi et Moi style was already beginning to gain popularity before Hollywood actress Megan Fox’s engagement ring caught the attention of the media. The two complementing jewels in this design, which encompasses both you and me, are typically arranged in a winding design. Thus, this fashion appeals to many romantic couples as being very passionate.

  • Vintage

 Vintage wedding ringMillennials are drawn to things that tell a narrative or have personal significance, as was previously said. Thus, they are drawn to vintage-inspired or vintage-era designs while choosing engagement rings. They either want to use family heirlooms, like the well-known engagement ring worn by Kate Middleton, which Prince Charles gave to Princess Diana, or they want to discover a design that celebrates memories.

  • Three-Stone

three stone ring The equally magnificent three-stone ring shape serves as an alternative to millennials’ want for a centre stone with a large carat weight. Many jewellers anticipate that millennials will favour this style for many years to come. It has a large centre stone that is surrounded on all sides by lesser stones. The three-stone engagement ring style, like the halo shape, makes the main stone appear considerably larger.

  • Gender Fluid

 gender fluid ringThe gender-fluid design is an additional engagement ring type that is steadily gaining traction among millennials. However, just because a design is gender-neutral doesn’t mean it has to be uninteresting or bland. These engagement rings may be a substantial platinum or gold band, a signet ring, or a piece of jewellery designed to resemble an eternity band. The major objective of this fashion in jewellery is to prevent the ring from seeming too feminine or masculine. Perhaps the widespread support for equality and gender neutrality among millennials is what accounts for this ring’s appeal.

  • Elongated  

 elongated wedding ringEven though many millennials stick to practical principles when selecting engagement rings, some are known to defy conventions. They choose lengthy diamonds like pear, marquise, and emerald shapes because they want to maximise the size of the main stone. While the North-South configuration is still popular, some millennials also ask for the East-West orientation because it’s a less common choice for these lengthy stones.

  • Halo

 halo wedding ringHalo settings are a classic style that rose to prominence mostly in Victorian era and are still popular today. With smaller-cut diamonds surrounding the main stone, this engagement ring design emphasises it. The centre stone, which is often a diamond with a cushion or round shape, will look bigger due to this stone arrangement.


The majority of millennials continue to support engagement and the custom of engagement rings. They are not simply seeking any old piece of jewellery, though. Pieces that have special importance because of their connection entice them more. You may get a ring-style suggestion for millennials from the list above.


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