Footwear Ideas For Grooms

Grooms, your big day is arriving, your sherwani is ready, along with the sehra and patka, the final fitting is done, but wait, you forgot about one of the most important parts of the look, your footwear. Footwear is as crucial a part of the wedding attire as the outfit itself. It can either make or break your look. It is your day Grooms and you need to look the best and stand out. You are going to remember this day for the rest of your lives and obviously don’t want a bad memory.

Here we are with wedding footwear ideas for grooms to ace their wedding day.

1. Loafers

One of the most comfortable and popular pair of footwear ever created is loafers. It is so easy to get in and out of them and with all the wedding rituals going on, this may be just the perfect choice. Weddings can be quiet hectic and this is the way to survive them comfortably. You will definitely find one that goes perfectly well with your wedding attire.


2. Sneakers 

Grooms, it’s time to ditch that traditional footwear for a more informal and comfortable pair. Select from a wide variety of colour and style available in the market and be the coolest groom of the season. This wedding season, sneakers get a thumbs up from our side.


3. Oxfords and Derby’s 

For that classic, formal look, Derbys and Oxfords are the ideal choices. The shiny texture and finely tailored stitch will make the groom stand out and make him look the best.


4. Jutis

A pair of jutis never go out of style. This traditional footwear has been a favourite of the grooms since ages. Not only does it give a very traditional but also a stylish look. They go perfectly well with sherwanis, kurtas and bandhgalas.

5. Sandals

Going for an indo-western look, sandals will support the wedding attire just perfectly. A dhoti or a bandhgala, sandals are versatile footwear to amp up your look very instantly.


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