Bridal Necklaces For Your D-Day

Wedding, the most special day of every bride’s life. A day every girl plans from her childhood till the day actually arrives. Elegance, poise and confidence, the Contemporary bride is the epitome of all that and much more. Stepping into the realm of matrimony, she looks for certain qualities – those that she herself stands for – in her groom and feels tremendous joy in finding a partner she can share her life with. Wedding Jewellery is very important as it completes the whole bridal look. The pretty bridal jewellery can elevate your bridal look easily and makes you look like a quintessential bride. But selecting the right jewellery set for the wedding to pair with your exquisite bridal outfit is a little tricky task. So we present some of the most exquisite bridal necklaces for all the upcoming brides to consider.

Choker Necklace


From Sabyasachi to the other jewellery designers, brides gush over the choker necklaces for their wedding. The choker has gained popularity in the Western world in the last 2 years. It’s already reached the Indian bride’s trousseau with many brides choosing to go for a choker necklace on their wedding day!

Rani Haar


One of the very popular choice amongst the present-day brides, they’re long necklaces, either single or multi-stringed. The length is what gives them a royal feel. Rani Haar has been a popular style with brides for a long time and is typically layered with another necklace.



It is a majestic neckpiece with seven tiers or layers of pearls or gems, woven or attached with elaborate filigree work on gold. A satlada is believed to be a speciality of the Nizams of Hyderabad. It is considered to be very auspicious as it represents the number ‘seven’. It covers the whole front from neck to the navel in seven layers. It is the Indian variant of what is popularly known as the double-stranded pearl or diamond opera necklace, which measures 30’’ into 35’’ in length.

Rajput Aadh Necklace


Aadh necklace is a Rajasthani style necklace that is usually square or rectangle-shaped in the centre and is attached with pearl strings. It is the traditional style of necklace that covers most part of the neck. The necklace starts in the form of a loose choker but ends with the strings of different gemstones bind together.

Bib Necklace


Bib necklace is usually in the shape of bib that covers the entire neck area and is made with different types of gemstones. It is large in size and is best suited for bold brides who love attention and want to make a fashion statement. Hugely in demand, these types of necklaces are available in different shapes, patterns, designs and sizes.


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