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Ways To Level Up Your Wedding Invitation

Your wedding invitation will serve as your guests’ first official contact with you about your wedding after you reveal your engagement. There is a lot more that one can do with wedding invitations than just having a design imprinted on paper to impress and genuinely create an impression on your guests. Here are some ideas for how to make your wedding invitation look classy and attractive.

Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting Wedding Invitation

Laser-cut design is a hot trend in wedding stationery, today. Whether simple or intricate, laser cutting is sure to wow any guest with the shapes and details you can only achieve with this method. Whether your wedding invitations are contemporary, conventional, sophisticated, romantic in nature, primitive, or antique, laser cutting can enhance them all. You can employ this as an envelope look too.

Sparkle Paper

Glitter Wedding Invitation

When a couple wants to add some glitz to their wedding invitations, a glitter sheet is an ideal option. The correct quantity of sparkle and glitz can be featured on glittering laser-cut concealment, belly bands, and postcard borders to spruce up your invitation. Your guests will be impressed by the elegance and shine of these invitations, which will convey to them that your wedding will be just as extraordinary. The sparkly wedding invitation is appropriate for you and your partner’s special day, regardless of whether your wedding will take place in a luxurious ballroom or will have an earthy elegance theme.

Coloured Envelope

Coloured Envelopes Wedding Invitation

Undoubtedly, the simplest (and least expensive) alternative is to add a coloured envelope to your invitation card. Since it sticks out from the other bland envelopes in the pile of mail, it quickly attracts the guests’ attention and beckons them to examine it immediately.  Your invitation’s whole look will have a more unique and considerate feel if you colour coordinate your wedding colours with your envelopes. You can also choose Viva Magenta, the Pantone colour of the year, for your wedding invitation card.

Envelope Liner

Envelope Liner

Once the flap is revealed, a great surprise is concealed behind this simple sheet of paper, which has been folded to fit into the contours of the envelope, whether it is laser cut, sparkly, or has a pattern. All the guests will be astonished and deeply pleased. By doing this, you spare your guests from unwrapping and viewing dull white envelopes.

Belly Bands

Belly Band Wedding Invitation

The newest trend in wedding invitations is a belly band, which is a broader strip of sheet folded horizontally over an upside-down invitation. It is capable of being layered (particularly with a glittering paper beneath in a slightly larger size) and may be imprinted, ordinary, decorated, or none of the above. It is a useful technique for maintaining the deck of cards nestled nicely behind it, in addition to looking attractive. The Belly Band can truly be elevated by adding strings of ribbons, labels, and ornaments.

Wax Seal

Wax Seal Wedding Invite

It may seem frightening to drip coloured hot wax over the wedding invitation, but it’s actually rather delightful! Simply pour the wax that has been melted into a tiny pool and press an initial, a motif, or an artwork into the wax using a wax sealer tool.  Your guests will appreciate how each item is so special and thoughtful. It has a royal air about it and is a very unique element. To emphasise the look further and give your wedding invitation an earthier appearance, you can also add tiny flowers and seal them using wax.


Ribbon Wedding Invite

It’s a wonderful way to complete your wedding invitation and give it a more upscale appearance than getting a ribbon in the same colours. Some couples who adore DIY projects may also add other components, such as tags, buckles, keys, tiny flowers, or other intricate decorations, to the ribbons themselves to give the invitations an air of sophistication. It’s a straightforward approach that adds a great deal of refinement to your wedding invitation card.


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