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Ways To Achieve ‘No-Makeup’ Makeup Look

Makeup is not just about covering up your flaws or an element to hide your insecurities, if you’ve been thinking of it as such, then it stops now. Makeup is also about highlighting your features and enhancing them. Usually, when we think about makeup, the first thing that pops into our heads is layers of foundation or heavily contoured faces. However, makeup has something to offer everyone, even girls who wish for a natural look with makeup. WV presents you with ways to achieve that natural glow.


Primer For No Makeup Look

Primer is applied just after your skincare routine and before foundation. Following your moisturisers and creams have been completely absorbed, you would apply this as the first product. Using a primer will make your skin smoother, and less porous, and will fill in the creases and wrinkles. It gets your skin ready and gives your makeup a flawless finish.

Minimal Foundation

Minimal Foundation For No Makeup Look

Apply a tiny amount of foundation to the middle of your forehead and chin, as well as the sides of your nose, and blend outward. Check for any additional areas of blemish visibility after blending, and if there are, lightly coat those areas with foundation. Limit the amount of foundation you use and let your skin’s natural glow show through.

Brushed Brows

Brows makeup

This brow style is in keeping with the present craze for a dewy, luminous, ‘no makeup’ makeup look since it gives soft, natural, textured, and fluffy and looks extremely simple. It’s a wearable appearance that won’t go out of style. Everyone, both in high fashion and on the high street, is rocking a brushed-up brow, particularly now that the makeup trend from the 1980s is back.

Go Light On Concealer

Light Concealer For No Makeup Look

The usual rule of thumb is that when selecting your concealer colour, you should always go for a shade lighter than the foundation. Darker discoloration can be covered up by doing this, but be cautious not to overcorrect to give the appearance of a ‘no makeup’ makeup look. Use a small amount, dab it in the corners of your lips and beneath your eyes, and wait a few minutes before applying a setting powder to the coating.

Go Easy On The Eyes


When referring to a natural makeup appearance, the eyes are a very important feature in every makeup style. It’s simpler than routine to achieve a natural eye glow with minimal eye makeup. Start with a paler, neutral colour and work your way up to the darker tones. To draw attention to your eyes, use some brown kajal as eyeliner. Don’t forget to apply mascara, but don’t go overboard to keep the natural makeup look.

Add Some Colour To The Cheeks

Blush To Cheeks

Apply the tiniest bit of blush onto the apple of your cheekbones to give your complexion a natural flush. Apply a thin layer of a warm-toned blush across your nose as well if you’d like your no-makeup makeup look to offer you a sun-kissed complexion.

Illuminate The Face

Illuminate The Face

When referring to a ‘no makeup’ makeup look, shimmery highlighters are a no-no. A liquid highlighter or strobing cream is an essential item for your cosmetics cabinet when it comes to no-makeup makeup. The quickest way to give your complexion a glow is to lightly apply a highlighter to the prominent areas of your face. Additionally, you can combine the highlighter with the primer to achieve a dewy complexion and a natural-looking glow for your skin.

Aim For The Lips

Aim For The Lips

Lip colour is the final component of your no-makeup makeup appearance. Implementing cream lipstick in a shade that matches your lips’ natural colour will keep your lip makeup subtle. Finish it off with lip balm to give your lips moisture and lustre.

Mist Away

Mist Away

Even though there aren’t numerous items you’re trying to put in place, a few sprays of your preferred setting spray will provide your face with a revitalising lift. Additionally, ideal for quick fixes all through the course of the day while your worn-out skin needs a boost, makeup setting sprays are great for setting makeup


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