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Rs. 1.5 Lakh


8 Years

Travels to venue



We are not just a bunch of just random photographers & videographers instead we are people who are passionate enough to feel the moment and capture the true essence of it. We don’t work day and night just to finish the job given to us instead we work because as storytellers we believe that we have the power to tell a story in a heartfelt manner. Creating an experience of memories is what we aim at with our vision. We will surely make your memories come alive whenever you will go through the pictures and films we have made.

Our main motive is to create an environment through our work, that can be cherished for a lifetime. It will transport you to a different world where you can realize the beauty of existence. We believe in originality and honest work which is always loved by our clients. Dream Diary is ready to give you a lifetime experience We will make sure that we turn your dream into a reality.



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