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Price Range (Starting Price)

Rs. 80,000


5 Years

Travels to venue



Hitesh is creative with the planning and playing of music. To him, being a DJ means being able to beatmix and "jockey" music in skillful ways. Not satisfied to simply press play on the next tune when the current one fades out, HITESH will match the beats from song to song so dancers never stop doing their own dance step between songs. Having his aim to be able to please many different audiences with experienced handling of music selections. He tries to "read the crowd" and utilize requests from his clients and their guests to present music that will work in each situation. He is able to transition smoothly from one genre to another by finding common musical elements. Hitesh endeavors to be inclusive. He has a broad knowledge of music,not just the most current popular tunes but also many decades and many styles. Hitesh wants to be the first choice for a DJ. Not relying primarily on group dance songs or microphone over-hype, Hitesh invites people to the dance floor with good music.


New Delhi

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