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Trendy Indian Bridal Hairstyles

There are so many varieties and options for the Indian bridal hairstyles that one may get confused. And that is exactly why we have come up with some of the handpicked Indian bridal hairstyles that will help you to create a heavenly bridal look in Indian style. For all the brides to be, choosing a suitable hairstyle may become a tedious task but here we have some pretty Indian bridal hairstyles to complete your look and make you a picture-perfect bride! From picking a hairstyle that’ll suit your face cut, to finding out everything about the Indian bridal hairstyles, we’ve got everything for you. So let’s get started. Indian bridal hairstyles that you’ll love to try for your big day!

1. Thin Hair Don’t Care


What should you do when your hair is thinning and you’ve still got to be well turned out on your big day!? It’s quite simple! All you need is volume.

You could create a parting and use a hair ornament that will shift the attention from your hair to the accessory. The hair on the sides could be coiled up for volume, and stray locks could fall loosely on your shoulders. That would look pretty effective and your hair woes would vanish in a poof!

Anushka Sharma’s marriage hairstyle is a great lesson on how to take amp your hairstyle with ambada jewelry and mogra flowers.

2. Length Is Strength


Long hair can be styled in so many creative ways! If you’re one of the lucky few souls who can try out variations with your long mane, you should count your blessings.

Play around the plaits! Yes, you heard it right! Long hair means that you have a free reign to experiment with braids! Go all out and coil up your long hair in any way you want. Sonam’s Kapoor’s marriage hairstyle was so elegant! Flowers were wrapped around her braid and she wore eye-catching accessories to add to the beauty of her mane.

3. Short And Hot

The bridal box

Short hair can be coiled up on the sides of the head and can be styled loosely tied as a bun or pinned to the side. Kriti Sanon and Sonam Kapoor perfectly describe how to pull off this look. Try a middle parting, and then bunch up your hair behind. The hair at the back can be plaited and pinned up at the back as well. Try it out!

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