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Trending Wedding Invitation Box Ideas

Before beginning with the preparation for your wedding the first thing that hit your mind is calling up all your relatives and telling them about when you are exactly planning to get settled. We are glad to introduce you to brand-new ideas for your wedding invitation boxes.

The traditional method that we used to share this happy feeling with all our close ones is via a wedding card or a wedding card invitation box. We usually share our wedding cards with a sweet box along with it. Wed Vendors has come up with creative wedding invitation box ideas for you this season.

 Wedding invitation box ideas

Wedding invitation boxes will always be in style. These boxes consist of sweets, snacks, and dry fruits along with a wedding invitation card. These boxes are reusable and work as a reminder of your love story.

Royal wedding invitation box

Lavish Wedding Invitation Box

Royalty is showing lavishness, extraordinary looks and preciseness. Doesn’t matter if you belong to any royal family or not, few people have this dream to show their wedding as an affluent affair. Glad to share that you can opt for the idea given here to make it lucrative for your relatives. Go for a square box covered with velvet cloth. Fill it with a collection of unique coffee beans, and dry fruits like pistachio, pine nuts (chilgoz) or walnuts. To make it look more royal add a silver little lord Ganesha sculpture and a small container having saffron in it.

Bizarre Wedding Invitation box

Unconventional Invitation Wedding Box

Tired of traditional ideas? Here we have a change. Usually, people put some sweets, snacks, and dry fruits in the wedding invitation box, but what about putting some kind of a riddle related to your wedding in the box? This sounds like something new right? Try to keep a puzzle that all of your relatives will enjoy reading. Do not keep it too complicated, make it a game to enjoy. Choose a cardboard cover with light-coloured paper for this idea. Keep sweets or dry fruits in a shagun potli bag, and keep a separate box of any silk chocolate.

A Glass-wedding invitation box

looking through the glass

Glass implies transparency, and it signifies that a crystal clear relationship runs long. Try to paste some glittery ribbon in the corner lines of the box, most probably golden or shimmery red. Put in the basic sweets, chocolates and white or off-white coloured cards in it look more attractive. Along with this try to keep a few real-looking plastic flowers as they will complement the glass box. You can add a silver coin with a mata Lakshmi image printed on it as a wish for the goodwill of the receiver.

Evocative Wedding invitation box

Wedding Invitation Box With memories

The wedding is all about collecting old memories by meeting people after many years at the venue. Why don’t remind them about the beautiful moments you had with them in the past by putting some old pictures respectively with the person you are sending invitations to. By sharing these memories in this hectic world, you will make them a bit more connected to your wedding. Along with these memories, you can add spices and flavoured green tea or you can add some unique chocolate bars that are imported from out of your country.

Love-Story wedding invitation box

wedding invitation with a story

As many people now are getting married to the person they choose to marry and not the one whom his/her family chooses. Why not tell all your relatives about your love story, and how you have met the love of your life?  It’s advised to write your story chapter-wise, starting from where you get to meet your would-be husband/wife, how your relationship turned into a love relationship, and when have you decided to get married. Put cards writing one chapter on one card in a minimal but pleasing. Simply add chocolates in sweet or you can opt for dry fruits as an alternative option.

Here we have some new alluring ideas related to wedding invitation boxes. We wish we have helped you in any way to decide about your wedding invitation idea. All the good wishes and if you would like, you can merge two or three ideas and create some more unique wedding invitation box ideas.


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