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Trending Mehendi Designs for Brides-To-Be

Weddings are a wonderful mixture of dancing, singing, and getting dressed up, as well as a boatload of memories. One of the key events that everyone looks forward to is the Mehendi Ceremony, along with the extensive list of other rituals that she must complete. Every ceremony including the Mehendi ceremony in Indian weddings must be opulent and extravagant or else the weddings are considered incomplete. The modern bride looks forward to this ceremony with anticipation. Each Indian bride’s Solah Shringar must include the applying of bridal mehndi. Without hands and feet decorated in lovely henna patterns, her bridal ensemble is thought lacking. Even if there are many wedding mehndi artists that work their charm, it’s crucial to determine what sort of bridal mehndi design the bride wants for her special day.

Wedvendors have listed out some trending Bridal Mehendi designs that you can totally go for:

  • Rose Motif Mehendi Designs

 Rose Motif Mehendi
Rose Motif Mehendi, Via Wedmegood

When it comes to bridal mehndi designs, rose themes are currently incredibly popular. The majority of brides this year opt for these patterns for their wedding mehndi. We adore the variety of rose mehndi patterns available, which make them ideal for bridal use. This allows the brides to enhance the aesthetic of the Mehendi design by adding their partner’s name between the designs. As rose mehndi designs are exquisite and stunning, brides can use them in both subtle and overt ways.

  • White Mehendi Designs

white mehendi bridal
Unique White Mehendi Designs, Via Pinterest

Use this unique mehndi to stand out from the crowd while still looking wonderful. This white mehndi will look beautiful with your wedding outfits as well as any other outfit you decide to wear. There is no better way than this one if you want to make something special for your mehendi.

  • Mehendi Stain

 Mehendi Stain
Mehendi Stain, via Wedmegood

This is a modern and popular style of mehndi designs in which the mehendi stain predominates the designs. The rest of the design is typically simple, so this not only gives your hands a gorgeous colour, but it also cuts down on application time!

  • Bride and Groom Mehendi Design

 groom and bride mehendi
Groom and Bride mehendi, via Pinterest

The brides of today are always up to date on trends. So, trying new things is just another step in a bride’s life. Whether it’s their blouse designs or their mehendi, they want something new! These designs will also let you express your imagination and instantly make your groom’s eyes more cheerful. Keep an eye out for the Bride and Groom mehndi patterns if you want to witness some genuine and remarkable creativity.

  • Minimalistic Mehendi Designs

Minimal Bridal Mehendi Design
Minimal Bridal Mehendi Design, Via Vogue India

The simplicity of these designs is the most exquisite part of it. Some brides hold the belief that “Minimalism is the prime requisite.” If you’re one of those brides who love to keep it minimal these designs are what you are looking for. Minimalism is the most eye-catching and aesthetic factor about these Mehendi designs.  This is a trending Mehendi design that brides mostly go with customising accordingly.

  • Two Tone Mehendi Designs

Two-Tone Bridal Mehendi Design
Two-Tone Bridal Mehendi Design, Via Pinterest

Almost any bride will adore this unique style of two-tone mehndi since it is fashionable. When you use this type of mehndi design, you will unquestionably steal the show. The lotus motifs are generally used, but you are free to use another theme if you choose. When faced with a lack of options, you can either choose this option or request that your mehndi artist create roses or any other floral in this specific design.

  • Baraat and Figurines Mehendi Design

 baraat and figurines
Intricate Baraat and figurines Bridal Mehendi Design

There is nothing quite like a full-fledged baraat design shown on your sleeve for brides who enjoy delicate and ornate work—they have been popular forever. This one is fit for a queen, complete with lovely palki themes, bridal and groom garlands, and even the baraat procession. Additionally, the most expensive and time-consuming design to produce.


There are a lot of bridal Mehendi designs you can go for but we have listed down the few that are always trending and it becomes easy for the bride to make up her mind.  These Mehendi designs can be customised according to your own choice and also personalised by adding elements you want.


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