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Trending Groom Attire-2022

The beginning wedding season marks an exciting time for the bride and groom. With extensive shopping in play, it can be daunting to find the right fit for the groom.

This winter wedding season has seen a vast variety, ranging from charming pastel attire to regal maroon ones, the choices are endless. Depending on your dream look, you can choose between these 5 trending looks, that have taken the wedding fashion industry by storm.

Although, most of the time, if you’re looking for a completely traditional look, it leaves less space to experiment with colours and styles. But if you want to go all out for your wedding day, stay tuned until the end.

Anarkali Sherwani

Anarkali Groom Sherwani

This Anarkali sherwani has been our favourite. With the masculine touch and chic design, you cannot go wrong with this outfit. You can always try out different shades, depending on the colour of your bride’s lehenga, but a green or pink coloured coat paired with an ivory kurta would totally stand out. Add in a double stole to make your ensemble even better.

Exquisite Velvet

 velvet Groom SherwaniThe micro-velvet fabric has been trending not just in terms of the bride’s lehenga, but sherwani as well. This subtle yet elegant fabric is perfect for intricate embroideries and deeper shades like maroon. You can pair it up with tapered trousers to make it a perfect choice, indeed, for a winter wedding.

Add a Floral touch

Floral Attire For GroomWe’ve seen grooms flaunt these beautiful floral shawls with their monochromatic sherwani to add a pop of colour while maintaining a certain majestic touch. Go for the opposite tone of colour for the stole to elevate your ensemble.

Flared Jacket

Flared Jacket SherwaniThis flared jacket sherwani has found its way into our hearts with deep-coloured kurtas paired with beautiful multicolour embroidery- that makes for eccentric groom wear. You can experiment with different ornaments and a classic turban with embellishments to complete your entire look.

Layered Sherwani

 Layered SherwaniThe gracefully layered sherwani is a dream come true for the upcoming grooms. Style this sherwani in pastel hues or go ivory, with contrasting beads for your jewellery and turban. You can even experiment with double stoles, which have been all the rage, for the past few months.

Bandh Gala Suit

Bandhgala Sherwani‘Bandh Gala’ which means closed neck are another one of the season’s top favourite. The sharp look, in raw silk fabric and darker shades, makes for a traditional yet contemporary look. You can pair it up with statement accessories and a traditional turban to elevate your outfit.

The Jodhpuri Suits

 Jodhpuri Suit for GroomA Jodhpuri suit is a traditional male attire item that originated in the royal kingdom of Jodhpur. It consists of Jodhpurs or salwar bottoms, a bandhgala jacket, and a kurta. Indian grooms can wear that attire on their wedding day, despite the fact that it wasn’t designed as a wedding suit in the first place.

The Classic Dhoti Kurta

Classic Dhoti and KurtaThe Dhoti and Kurta ensemble date back to the reign of the Maharajas. It is the traditional groom’s outfit at a wedding or other religious ceremony. A dhoti is a 4.5-meter-long unstitched cloth that is draped over the lower part of the body. After draping, it looks like a salwar-style bottom garment that has been sewn from the outside. Dhotis have ornamented borders and come in plain hues. They are worn with long, conventional kurtas. Indian grooms from a variety of groups dress in tussar or silk dhotis. Your wedding dhoti may be referred to as a veshti, a panchey, a chaadra, etc. depending on the region you are from.



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