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Things To Keep in Mind Before Booking Your Mehendi Artist

When it comes to wedding mehndi designs, we have a plethora of choices to provide for you. We have a wide range of designs to pick from, ranging from the simplest and most basic to intricate ones with elegant rose motifs, whirling strokes, and portraits of pets, animated characters, or wedding couples. However, how beautifully these designs appear on your bridal hands and feet is entirely up to your mehndi artist. Only the originality, creativity, and flair of your mehndi artist can truly do your bridal hands and feet justice. Additionally, since you are the bride, it is essential that you hire the best Mehendi artist so that you can display the classiest and most contemporary designs during your wedding.

Are you unsure about how to choose the finest mehndi artist for yourself? Need not worry; Wedvendors is here to assist! Before picking your mehndi artist, take into account the following inescapable considerations that are listed below.

  • Check trending Mehendi Designs

Look for trending mehendi designUpdate yourself on the latest mehndi trends beforehand! Make a careful check to determine which trends are popular and which ones are not, whether it is the basic mehndi designs with minimal coverage and few strokes, elegant Arabic mehndi designs with edgy bels and paisleys, creative portrait designs, or the ones with personalisations. Note the designs that contemporary brides are choosing as well.

  • Be sure of the design you want

 BE SURE OF YOUR MEHENDI DESIGNAfter conducting thorough research, make a note of the different styles of mehndi designs you want in your wedding. Would you want to go all out with your bridal mehndi design as Deepika Padukone did, or do you prefer more original mehndi patterns like Priyanka Chopra and Sonam Kapoor? Clear your mind right away, and save a few mehndi patterns to show your mehndi artist.

  • Skim Through Mehendi Artist’s Social Media Accounts

check-social-media-of-the-mehendi artist for reviewFinding a suitable mehndi artist is the next essential step after looking for inspiration. And next, continue looking through the Wedvendors profiles of several mehndi artists or their social media accounts. You may quickly go over the designs and get in touch with them if anything speaks to you. You may always rely on conventional research methods if you don’t want to strictly adhere to internet research procedures. Ask your newlywed friends or relatives for referrals, then get in touch with their bridal mehndi artists.

  • Mehendi Artist Portfolio Check

mehendi design portfolioNow comes the selection of the top artists based on their portfolios. After reviewing the profiles of hundreds of mehndi artists, shortlist the five or six that you liked the best. To gain a better understanding of their aesthetic, ask them to present their portfolios or photo albums of their work during a face-to-face discussion.

  • Understand The Style of the Artist

understand the style of the artistTry to comprehend their speciality as you go through their work. It’s essential to comprehend an artist’s signature style, even if the majority of them undoubtedly experimented with many designs and styles. Is it more drawn to conventional themes or is it all about cutting-edge designs and lines? Once you have a clear understanding of it, decide which mehndi artist’s style best serves your tastes.

  • Share Your ideas

Share your ideas with the artist The next step is to communicate your wants and demands to the artists. Show them the bridal mehndi designs you’ve bookmarked for yourself and would want to use to adorn your bridal hands. Allow them to contribute as well, but at the same time create a brand-new idea rather than simply imitating the existing ones.

  • Ingredient Inquiry

Pure henna powder and Ingredient checkAn important consideration before deciding on a mehndi artist is to inquire about the ingredients used in the Mehendi preparation. Ensure that the person applying your mehndi only uses organic henna and does not modify its unadulterated, natural state with artificial substances.

  • Inquire about the Application Time

Inquire about the Application TimeYou should be aware that it will take a lot of application time if you choose to have henna done to your full arms and legs on your wedding day.  It typically takes five to eight hours to apply bridal mehndi. However, it may differ based on the complexity of the design and the number of artists involved. In order to get a rough estimate of how much time the artist would need to complete it, discuss with the artist your desired wedding Mehendi designs.

  • Ask For Trials

 mehendi TrialPreliminary analysis is usually preferable to reactive analysis. Your bridal mehndi artist is also in this category. Ask the mehndi artist to give you a mehndi trial so you won’t have to worry about fussing at the last minute about your sensitive hands or not-so-dark henna. Even though it can cost a little extra, it will make picking a mehndi artist much easier. You’ll be able to appreciate the artist’s effort, efficiency, and inventiveness even more. Additionally, you’ll learn whether the substances used in the mehndi are suitable for your skin type.

  • Advance Booking

Advance booking for the best artist out thereFinally, now that you know whom to contact to do your mehndi on your special day, let’s move on. Make a reservation right away. Booking a mehndi artist at least three months before a wedding is recommended. Your options would be limited if you were to delay, as the best Mehendi artists tend to get booked fast, especially during the wedding season of the year.


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