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Things To Do Before Your BFF’s Wedding

Relatives, cousins even parents came as pre-installed programs in our system since we were downloaded on Earth. They were by-default; nothing that we can change. And we are not at all suggesting otherwise, are we?? Who wants to change their caring pretty aunts, who always camouflaged their love with motivational- comparisons they draw and our super cool cousins, who are secretly so competitive? Ahem!! But our system needs that one app which is anti-phishing, anti-hacking that understands our system inside-out. Our anti-virus, that BFF with whom we have crashed, enjoyed high- volts and the one that speaks the same language.  Here are some things you can do together before your BFF’s wedding.

An Adventure Trip


No, we are not specifically suggesting Spain to you here, but Adventure-trip, a road-trip down south or a spiritual holiday would do equally good. Drawing inferences from Imran, it will be an out of terra firma experience. The art of ‘Letting go’ of any past unpleasant memory is also what would further strengthen your bond with the bestie.

Customised- Gift


Any souvenir that reminds them of you ( in a good way). A beautifully framed life-size photo- collage, a jewellery piece, designer wear like Humpty Sharma, or a sweet hand-written note would do the needful.

A Reunion

Isn’t it adorable, all friends coming together after a long time, sharing experiences, recalling fun- memories? Re-unions are great but, kindly don’t invite the blast from the past. (Issued in your interest)

Secret- Wish, Total Phish

Like our Rockstar Janardan Jhakad aka Jordan, lend some support to your Heer. Do all the things your bestie had always wished for. One secret, meant to be shared only with you. Try to decode, if you can’t; ask your buddy to UNLEASH!!

Go Grooming, Shopping, Dancing Together


Aisha from the movie Aisha and Naina-Rohit from Kal Ho Naa Ho make us realise how much fun it could be to go grooming or spa or shopping together. Even better, join Zumba, Salsa or any dance class which will not only makes you feel happy but ensure that you both stay in shape before the wedding day.

Not that the friendship relies on souvenirs, but having shared the most special, irreplaceable bond with your best friend, this is what could be done to have some more special moments together.


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