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The Vaseline Hacks On Your Wedding Day

Vaseline- that trusty jar we all have at home, which we never really look beyond using as a lip balm! Did you ever imagine having it handy would be super helpful on your wedding day too? Yes, one jar is good enough to help you out with so many teeny little things and issues on your big day- yes, apart from moisturising your lips! So here goes!

  1. Save your teeth from those horrid lipstick stains


Now this one is new! Apply a thin layer of vaseline jelly to your front teeth before you apply lipstick. This will make sure your lipstick doesn’t stick to the teeth, someone each one of us might have experienced, embarrassingly so in life! 

  1. Smell amazing all-day


Vaseline can really help your perfume stick around- take a little Vaseline and rub it all over your perfume points like the cleavage, behind the ear, neck, and wrist- and this will make sure and your scent will last longer!

  1. Keep your eyebrows inline


Vaseline can really help in controlling and taming unruly eyebrows. A dab of jelly will help keep your eyebrows sleek and shiny after you’re done grooming and filling them. 

  1. Boost your makeup


If you’re doing your makeup yourself for your wedding or a smaller function, apply a small amount of jelly underneath your blush to add a dewy glow. This works especially well for winter weddings! Or you could even apply jelly underneath eyeshadow to give it a glossier look. You can even mix it with lip colour to make a cream blush! 

  1. Easily insert earrings


Vaseline lubricates ear lobes and helps make earring insertion easy and painless, which can be a pain especially for those heavy earrings. Rub a small amount of Vaseline onto the backs of your earrings to make them easier and more comfortable to insert!

  1. Remove eyelash glue easily


Remove false eyelash glue from your lash line- this is something a lot of brides struggle with, even with the best makeup removers. Get rid of that gooey residue using Vaseline and a Q tip. 

  1. Emergency stain removal


Remove makeup stains for your clothes if it happens to touch your face in any way. Dab a little Vaseline with a damp cloth and it will make the stain much lighter and probably take it off! It can even help in taking scuffs off patent leather shoes.

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