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The Ultimate Mangalsutra Guide

A quintessential element of a bride’s jewellery is the ‘mangalsutra’. A mangalsutra holds great essence for Hindu brides. It is the physical embodiment of the bond shared by the couple in love. This once-in-a-lifetime investing piece of jewellery is treasured by all the brides. Earlier, mangalsutra only resembled the traditional value of the bride but now it has become an accessory that you can flaunt. Worn all the time, mangalsutra should complement every attire be it ethnic wear or a western ensemble.

Here are a few remarkable mangalsutra designs you can opt for your big day and treasure for life.

Eternal Grace: Diamond Mangalsutra

Diamond Mangalsutra

To sate your love for precious stones, opt for a single diamond mangalsutra. Ideal for brides who are going all glam with their outfits and heavily embellished jewellery, this mangalsutra design will dial down the maximal effect. This sensitively designed mangalsutra gained all the love when Deepika Padukone wore it with pure elegance.

Sparkling Sun Signs

Sun Sign Mangalsutra

If you and your partner believe in the power of sun signs, then this modern mangalsutra design is perfect for you. Customised according to you and your other half’s sun sign, this mangalsutra is unique and beautiful. It was primarily accentuated by fashion enigma, Sonam Kapoor. This exclusive mangalsutra design is a show-stealer!

Crescent Diamond Mangalsutra

Crescent Mangalsutra


Perfectly complementing all your conventional outfits, this sickle precious stone mangalsutra is easy to carry. Designed as a crescent moon, this latest mangalsutra design is love for brides who are looking for smooth and sophisticated mangalsutra.

Minimal Mangalsutra Pendant

Minimal Mangalsutra

Minimalistic lehenga designs, mehendi designs and jewellery has gained all the hype this year. Minimal mangalsutra pendent in octet design, star design or heart design will elevate your whole look effortlessly. This pendent cum mangalsutra is appropriate for ultra-modern brides.

Flowers First!

Flower Mangalsutra

This diamond mangalsutra design comprising of tiny beautiful flowers as the centrepiece of the jewellery is idealistic for brides who wear a lot of ethnic ensembles. Radiating minimal aesthetic, this jewellery piece can be adorned with floral earrings. It is pure bliss to the eyes!

Double-Tone Mangalsutra

Double Tone Mangalsutra


For high-spirited brides who enjoy colourful aesthetics, this dual tone mangalsutra should be your first choice. Gold mangalsutra with a dash of colour, this mangalsutra design will blend well with your monochromatic outfits. These double-tone chains are accessible in various lengths, tones, and chain types.


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