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The Scent Of Flowers- Tomas de Bruyne

A Belgian floral designer, whose span of creativity sprawls beyond international borders, Tomas de Bruyne, recently had a lily named after him ‘Gloriosa – Tomas de Bruyne’. He’s the man behind spectacular artistic installations, educative seminars and workshops, and floral-art publications.

My first wedding-work in India, for the Goenka family, has been my favourite. Mr Sanjiv Goenka had an open mindset and appreciation for achieving something phenomenal; architectural floral installations were born in India, ergo. Archaic floral designs were used as the stage backdrop for performance by Cirque du Soleil at the wedding. Abstract flowers in geometric forms were actually inspired by Eternal Circles from my ‘Contemplation Art’ Collection. The massive ‘Rolling Hills’ floral installation at the Ambani family’s wedding celebrations is another favourite. Creating a three-dimensional visual flow, while working on a two-dimensional backdrop, intoned our label’s creative ability and determination. Various micro designs, furnishing the client’s idea for pre-wedding events showcased my attitude as a designer. I always believe that it is the creation of such concepts that shapes everlasting experiences!


Tomas de Bruyne

I am a ‘DNA’ designer – I go with the the client’s story and perception, while guiding them with my expertise. My commitment to them and myself takes us an extra mile in each element, from design to execution. Developing a creation from scratch is the key factor in making the flowers raise their game, or just getting the story of the wedding to meet the expectations of the client, I would say. The ability to see the overall view and not lose yourself in details, defines an artist’s imagination. Grandeur doesn’t always need to be huge as it is more about the splendour and impressiveness of style. Details are also vital in creating a big picture. For instance, ‘The Tree of Prosperity’ installation at Phoenix in Mumbai, is where you can witness a wonderful integration of size with beauty of details. It could be easily used as a suitable wedding story. The details of the installation elevate the design as the stem of the tree exists with more than a 1,000 breathing facets, visualised by the light, going on and off like a heartbeat. The hanging squares of moving mirrors make it even more dramatic and interactive.

When I started five years ago, I had the impression: the bigger the better. Now, the focus has changed to newer, unusual, personalised designs and detailed concepts. I have learned tremendously from the glory of Indian weddings and feel blessed that it came along my path as a floral designer. It has greatly influenced my art and personal development, lending an extra artistic dimension. Today, trend-wise, exotic wedding destinations have become more popular. The next step will dictate the above elements with the right visual impact, to appear as larger-than-life floral installations. However, originality and innovation will never go out of trend. While active entertainment will allow guests to experience the drama, action and intensity; floral installations will play a more significant role than before.


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