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Skin Regimen For All The Groom-To-Be

Gone are the days when brides were the only focus at weddings. If you’re getting married in the next few months, it’s time to kick start your skin care regime so that you look your best on D Day. In fact, taking care of your skin is the single most important thing you can do; the smartest outfit won’t be able to mask unsightly bumps and blemishes. So, here are a few skin care tips for the groom-to-be which will give their brides a run for her money.

  1. Develop A Skincare Routine


This is extremely important. Sadly, there’s no magic potion to make you look good overnight. Think of your skin as a tender sapling that needs TLC. The three pillars of great skin is a good CTM routine (Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing to those who don’t know). Pick a regime best suited to your skin type and start looking after your skin at least a month in advance.  

  1. Ditch The Soap!


That’s the single best thing you can do for your face. In fact, using a bar of soap is about as bad as not using anything at all. It leaves your skin thirsty and dehydrated. Get your hands on a fragrance-free gel face wash—or scrub with micro beads if you have blackheads—strong enough to cleanse tougher male skin but gentle enough to be used daily.

  1. Don’t Forget The Sunscreen

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In all the hustle bustle do remember to fight off skin darkening tanning and UV damage with a good sun block. Depending on your skin type opt for an oil-free or moisturizing formula.  

  1. Eye Cream

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Most men tend to neglect the skin around their eyes, which also happens to be thinner than elsewhere on the face, and the first to show signs of aging. That’s why, everyone—from age 25+ should start using a specially formulated eye cream. Pick a Coenzyme Q 10 enriched formula if you have fine lines, or a caffeine enriched formula to fight off under-eye puffiness.

  1. Visit Your Dermatologist


This is no time to try self-help. Make your way to a dermatologist if you have dull skin, pimples or rash. Even if you have no skin issues, your dermatologist may prescribe a retinol based product or fruit acid based formula to make your skin brighter and remove surface dullness.

  1. Eat Your Nutrients

    Wise Bread

Sure, it a busy time with all that wedding prep but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t focus on what you’re eating. Instead of reaching for chips and burgers on the run, get your fill of antioxidant-rich, brightly colored fruits and veggies. Not just will make you look but also will make you feel better, you’ll probably lose a couple of pounds too!

  1. Get Your Beauty Sleep


Yep, men need it too. Leave all that hectic partying for AFTER the wedding. Your skin recovers and regenerates during the night. Make sure you get at least eight hours of shut eye every night.

  1. Control Skin Damaging Habits


It’s a new start with your life partner and there’s no better time to turn your back on smoking. Besides the cardiovascular risks of smoking, nicotine and cigarette smoke play havoc with your skin and hair. It’s also a good idea to go easy on alcohol consumption. Over indulge and you’ll end up looking puffy and worn out. 


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