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Perfect Necklaces To Compliment Your Neckline

Don’t we often go crazy over having that perfect blouse neckline? Yes, we do and there is no reason that we shouldn’t because necklines are definitely a small but a major element and can make or break your bridal attire. They surely have a huge impact in beautifully completing that flawless look of yours. But a baffling question we women often seem to have is which necklace to wear with what kind of a neckline. And ladies it is essential that you wear a necklace which perfectly complements your neckline and thus your entire look. Here is a guide to choosing the right necklace according to your blouse neckline!

1. Scoop neckline


The scoop neckline is something you can find a lot in Indian wedding outfits. If you choose to wear a scoop neckline, you get a vast expanse of skin extending from your neck to the beginning of your blouse which provides you with enough space to style a layered choker like a pro. Also, prefer a bib necklace rather than a straight one so that it perfectly mimics the neckline.

2. V- neckline


If you are wearing a deep plunging v-neckline, you are definitely going for the wow factor. And just like a V-neckline draws attention to your cleavage, your necklace should definitely do the same. Wearing a long necklace which highlights or borders your neckline will definitely amp your look and it will surely draw attention to your cleavage while giving your neck a longer look. While you can also style your V-neckline with a sleek choker along with layered malas to have that perfect flawless look.

3. Strapless Neckline


Want to flaunt your collar bones or neckline? What can be better than a strapless blouse or dress but make sure you pair it up with the right piece of jewellery and flaunt flawlessly. Go for shorter pendants or sleek chokers as they won’t steal the attention from your shoulders or collar bones. 

4. High neckline


Planning to wear a high neckline? You might not need a necklace at all if the collar or neck work is too heavy. But if you still wish to pair it with some jewellery then opt for a long layered necklace with a small pendant or simply style it with a chain.

5. Sweetheart neckline


The sweetheart neckline is probably the trendiest and most eye-catching of all. A princess length necklace or choker set with a drop will perfectly go with this neckline and is sure to make you stand out among the rest.


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