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Master The No-Makeup Look

For the wedding, a full glam bridal makeup look has been a forever favourite amongst Indian brides. But if bridal make-up trends are to be considered, the ‘no-makeup’ makeup look is making the most noise. Brides are flawlessly acing their subtle and dewy skin with naturally flushed cheeks on their D-day. And believe us, so can you! If you wish to work your own makeup wand on some of your homely wedding ceremonies, a ‘no-makeup’ makeup look shall work the best. It’s surprisingly doable and doesn’t demand you to splurge on a lot of makeup products. But you definitely need to pick the right products ones to enhance the beauty of your features. Which is why we did our homework right and chalked out a few makeup essentials that you MUST-MUST have to ace a ‘no-makeup’ makeup look. Know what all does it include and get set slay! 

  1. A Dewy Primer


To begin with, a good primer can do wonders for the base of your ‘no-makeup’ makeup look. It will help illuminate the naturalness of your face, helping it to stay radiant and hydrated all day.

  1. A Matte Finish Foundation


You need an almost bare makeup look, so make sure you’re using the least amount of foundation. Be aware of picking the right shade according to your skin tone and evenly blend it once applied. 

  1. A Lightweight But Quality Concealer


Since you want to get a natural look, use small amounts of concealer to hide the blemishes and those under-eye bags. So, invest in a product that has buildable coverage and creamy lightweight consistency.

  1. A Fluttering Mascara

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To just perk up your eyes a little, use a natural-looking and feathery finish mascara. If you wish to get dramatic false lashes without having to use falsies.

  1. A Rosy Blush


Want to flaunt those naturally flushed cheeks on their D-day? Well, then ditch peaches and opt for a beauteous rosy blush to get that no-makeup look right. Why pink? because it gives a more natural flush to your face. So, just apply a single stroke under your cheekbone and let it do its magic!

  1. A Water-Resistant And Natural-Coloured Eyebrow Pencil


Your brows can make a hell lot of difference to your look if done right. Especially when you are opting for a no-makeup look! Pick a waterproof formula to avoid smudging and fading. Define those arches and then even them out by brushing with the help of a spoolie brush. Make sure you don’t overdo your brows as it will make them look very unnatural. 

  1. Your Favorite Nude Lip Color

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Finish off the no-makeup look with a stroke of your fav nude lipper. A lot of brides are picking sultry new shades over the dark ones, and we’re loving it for all the right reasons. Cinnamon and chestnut browns are quite in trend these days. However, you can always look for a shade that matches well with your outfit and complements your overall look.

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