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Mason Jars Claiming Their Spot In Weddings

From the smallest excerpt of a poem to the most extravagant wedding, there is scope to take inspiration from every aspect of life. And the latest additions to the never-ending list of things to be inspired by are; Mason jars – The very mundane and day-to-day use household item, mason jars. They put on pseudo appearances which might trick you into believing that they are restricted to being used for storage purposes only, but in actuality, they serve many purposes; especially if you or someone close to you is getting married in the coming future. There was a time when birdcages were all the rage and had everyone swooning, but the next thing to make it big in Indian weddings should be mason jars. The selling factor of these jars is that they are so basic that they can be moulded in a variety of ways, both functional as well as decorative.



Mason Jars are great for decorative purposes and can contribute in abundance, and that too economically. They can be doubled up as centrepieces in weddings adorned with flowers/pebbles/water. They can also be intertwined with fairy lights and be used for lighting purposes. Another great way to use them to add to the aesthetic appeal is by filling them with flowers and using them as showpieces or art. If simplistic is your approach towards wedding then this one is a definite game-changer for you. The seamless simplicity of the jars enables them to be converted into something that looks gradient in an effortless way.

Candy Bar


Mason jars can be used to neatly store and display candies and toffees that constitute the candy bar. It helps to keep things organized and accessible. One other way in which they can be incorporated in candy bars is by distributing them to the guests so that they can fill up their jars with candy and carry them back to their respective homes. Candy bags are anyway too mainstream and tend to be left behind.



If you don’t have a candy bar at your wedding then worry not, we have you covered. Package caramelized popcorn in mason jars with personalized tags and leave your guests gushing and joyous.

Pack a Punch


 Let your family and friends rejuvenate and refresh themselves by having free access to a juice and punch station (spike with a little vodka to get the party going! With a little warning of course). And instead of disposable cups or glasses, let each guest have their own mason jar and enjoy a little picnic-party at your wedding.



And if none of the above-mentioned ideas appeal to you enough and change your mindset about mason jars, then just let them serve the purpose of their inception. Decorate them with ribbons and use them to store pens/paper/cards for your guests to leave blessings and kind words for you.

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