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Make Your Wedding Crazier By Shattering Gender Norms

There is no doubt that weddings in India are lavish and extravagant. Bride and grooms prepare for months to make their weddings extraordinary.  But with lots of excitement and celebration, come the never-ending rituals and customs. We live in a patriarchal society which has restricted us to gender norms. But don’t you feel like you’re missing so many things because of these norms. Somehow, they limit us and keep us away from having all the fun. A bride can make an entry with loads of dancing, and a groom can wear an anarkali. Recently, people have been trying to break gender norms and opting for role reversal. Here are some ways in which you can smash the gender barriers and have a crazy wedding.

1. Let It Flow

India Times

Theatre performer and pop singer Billy Porter astonished everybody when he wore a gown to an award function. The flared anarkalis and gowns should not be considered a symbol of femininity. Anybody can wear a dress and look gorgeous in it. Even Ranveer Singh has made appearances wearing graceful skirts. Maybe now he can also enjoy ghoomar dance with Deepika. (yay!)

2. Pant That Suits

Shyamal and Bhumika

We all get tired of carrying our ghagra here and there. Sometimes, it annoys the hell out of us. So this wedding season, ditch your heavy lehengas and opt for these quirky and eccentric sherwanis. Make a marvellous entry while wearing these sherwanis, pantsuits and dhoti on your D-day. Check out this collection from Shyamal and Bhumika Indian Bridal Collection.

3. Mehendi Laga Ke Rakhna

Groom Applying Mehendi
Mohit Singhal Photography

People all around the world are including this as a ritual for both the genders. Earlier, it was just the bride who had to sit for hours to apply beautiful henna on her hands and feet. It gives an immense pleasure to see that grooms are shattering stereotypes and applying henna on their hands and feet.

4. Dulhan Rani

Bride Sitting On A Horse

Why should boys have all the fun? It gets so tedious to watch every groom making a grand entry on a horse. Don’t you feel like enjoying and dancing on your majestic entry? If you want the guests to turn their heads around, enter your wedding on a ghodi. You can also add a pagdi to your outfit. It’s your day, make all your wishes come true.

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