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Kundan Trends For This Wedding Season

Kundan jewellery is acknowledged as one of the traditional Indian jewellery which consists of gem-set with the gold foil in between the stone and its mount that is attached to the jewellery. It is also known to be one of the oldest forms of jewellery and it is also worn by most of the women. It is also known by all that most of the would-be-brides also opt for kundan jewellery because it can make them look gorgeous and glamorous for one day without much effort. Kundan is one of a kind of jewellery which is exquisite looking. It also acquires enormous attraction especially for the soon to be brides and for its attendees as well. Below mentioned are some of the varieties of jewellery that are definitely chosen by would-be-brides for their wedding ceremony.

  1. Earrings


It is known by all that women have special attraction and affinity towards different kinds of earrings. And for this reason, they also try to buy various kinds of earrings from different jewellery collection as well. In fact, it is the most attractive jewellery piece for the brides as well. Brides also try to experiment with their earrings and so they try out some out-of-the-box designs and styles of earrings for their D-day. Moreover, earrings are also useful to flaunt several looks. Kundan earrings can give an elegant as well as a mesmerizing look to every would-be-bride.

2. Necklace


A necklace is known to be one of the most sought ornaments from the kundan collection of jewellery. The clarity and shine and also the brightness that comes from the kundan necklace are just enough to impress any woman who loves to wear different kinds of jewellery at different occasions. Though kundan necklaces cannot be afforded by many, still they try to keep at least one piece of necklace with them as part of the investment which they have made for bridal jewellery.

3. Bracelets

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Another jewellery from the kundan collection which is loved by most of the soon to be brides is kundan bracelets. They are known to be the best substitute for bangles and so if the bride does not want to sport bangles they can just simply wear intricately detailed and designed kundan bracelets. These are the best jewellery which can complement the hands and make them look attractive and eye-catching.

4. Pendants


Like kundan necklaces, you can also opt for some classy and sophisticated kundan pendants too. These can help to boost the bridal appearance on the day of your wedding. the pendants from the kundan collection are also available in various designer cuts and shapes and the would-be-brides can choose the kind of pendants that are perfect for them.

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