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Keep Up With Your Hair With This Checklist

  • 4 months before the Big Day 

Think about what ‘look’ you are going for with each function, cut out pictures and really have a general idea worked out. Most importantly, book the makeup artist & hairstylist. Hair should be trimmed every six to eight weeks regardless of the length you are aiming for as the split ends will travel up the hair shaft and the only sure way to remove them is trimming (of course make sure you trust your stylist and that there is a clear understanding of the goal you have in regards to length and the condition). 

  • 3 months 

Now is the time to start treating your hair to moisture. If your hair has to make it through the dry harsh summer, then you really need to make sure it comes out looking fab for your day! 

Moisture packs: 

  1. Leave in conditioners/sprays (no they don’t make your hair flat if you have the right one!)

  2. A light water-soluble serum before and after blow-drying is a great way to lock-in moisture throughout the day

  3. Don’t overblow dry your hair, washing is fine every day. It is how you dry it that can do more damage than anything else. 

  • 2 months 

Yes, it is time for another trim, yes ONLY trim. If you have coloured hair, get it done in 4-5 weeks so it looks fresh! Confirm all your hair bookings, make sure that the accessories are bought and you have done a trial with your stylist on how you want them placed. 

  • The week before 

This is the time that you do not go in for a spa treatment or moisture packs, if you have planned and done what was needed then there is no need for anything else. However, the time is now for shine! We all want to look bling, some more than others and there are some incredibly effective shine treatments for your hair that will give your hair that amazing glow (it is not a chemical treatment or something that will damage your hair, it is a clear layer of reflective beads that sit on the outside of the cuticle that reflects light) Enjoy your planning and most of all have fun, this is such an important time in your life and with the right planning your photos and memories will be fantastic! Enjoy. 

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