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Jazz Up Your Wedding Decor

A grand unforgettable wedding requires an equally grand and unforgettable wedding setup. With rather extravagant and jazzy styles catching our attention, retro has been ruling the style sheets all around, so the wedding planners suggest. Take a look at how Wedding Vendors suggests you glam up your wedding décor. Include these in your wedding planning checklist to ensure a trendy setup for your grand wedding ceremony when you tie the knot.

1. Hollywood Styled Glam

Glamour and Opulence best define the Hollywood styled décor in weddings. From posh centrepieces and extravagant installations are the styles of this kind of décor. From ‘20s glams to ‘60s, ‘80s and ‘90s — all the eras of Hollywood are replete with ample inspirations for this theme of wedding décor.

2. Golden Hour

Close-knit and intimate ceremonies can be hosted late in the evening where the aura has been lit up by dainty golden fairy lights. Weddings are supposed to be special and extraordinary. People literally put their hearts and souls to make their weddings unique and joyful. Hence, host a wedding under the golden lights to warm your festivities with beautiful conversations and intimate company.

3. Pastel Play

Pastel-coloured flowers along with natural and white backdrops are your resort to induce modern glamour into your wedding ceremony. Pastel theme is going to make your wedding memories look extremely alluring. Celebrity couple Anushka and Virat opted for a pastel themed day wedding. This could totally be your inspiration!

4. It’s the Time To Disco

It’s the time to induce ‘70s glamour into your wedding festivities as retro is ‘the trend’ of the season. The best method to do is to use magnetic disco balls as the theme of your ceremonies. Use contrasting shades and a lot of glitters to achieve a glamorous result.

5. Glass Shine

Use glasses and clean finished décor to jazz up your ceremonies. Reflective surfaces lend a clean touch to your decorations at any stage. A plain glass plus a basic white decal create understated drinkware that’s surprisingly greater (and chicer) than the sum of its parts, as good housekeeping suggests.


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