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Indian Weddings With Minimalist Decor

Want to have a simple wedding, but can’t plan a plain wedding as well?  Being a minimalist what attracts you would be mostly: white, the subtle greens, the colder, lighter tints, and hues of pink and blue. But, what you want is a colourful shade to all of it. People might tell you that you need loaded centrepieces and layers of linens for your table settings, or overflowing floral chandeliers interspersed with string lighting, but minimalism has a lot to showcase. Muddled up much? Worry not lady, we’ve got it covered for you. Here’s the list, strike all of them off!

1. Mandap for the Mehndi

Bollywood Mandaps Melbourne

This is where you’re going to sit for hours getting your henna done. You’ve to make sure it’s comfortable enough!  With colourful cloth stripes, the background has been adorned. The cushions and the umbrellas being hung up at the ceiling is giving a quirky look, yet better than those shiny chandeliers.

2. Mandap for the Haldi

AICA Events

Yellow, and quite subtle! That’s what you want! For the haldi ceremony, get a mandap made just like this. The sides of the stage decorated with pots, and having yellow flowers in them is just so beautiful.

3. Sangeet Stage

For setting the mood right, and dancing all night you’ve to select that perfect backdrop! A simple white dancing floor and the roof decorated with white flowers is just minimal and pleasant.

4. The Jhoola

Rishabh Aggarwal

It is the part of Oonjal- a ceremony which signifies that the couple will stay together in the ups and downs of life. A flowery swing looks decent, minimal and the best.

5. Wedding Mandap


This is where you’re going to take the vows and the pheras. It has to be beautiful and eye catchy. Also, it is a great traditional themed mandap, with the red and gold setup. The huge flower pots placed at the sides and simplistic flower arrangement are just delightful.

6. Photobooth


When the wedding rituals are done, all you need is photographs. Pose with your family, friends, your groom or the bride. Get the right props, and the right background to be clicked!)


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