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Hair & Care For All The Men For Their Weddings

Managing that recalcitrant cowlick can be a nightmare for most men, especially on the day when you really want to look your best. And then, god forbid, you could always have a bad hair day, just on the day when the entire world and the photographers decide to make you the focus of their attention. What can you do to get through the nightmarish experience and still look smooth as chocolate in your photographs? Little tricks and products will get you through. 


  • Do get a haircut at least a week before the wedding. This will give your hair time to settle down before the wedding and in the holy smokes unlikely event that you hate your cut, you can always do some damage control before the big day.

  • Get your dandruff under control or don’t wear a dark colour. You don’t want flakes on your shoulders distracting those hugging you on the podium!

  • If your hair is naturally unruly and likely to have a life of its own, tame it with some great styling products – L’oreal’s Studio Line wet look gel will set the most disobedient hair and make you look sleek and model-like. The advantage of wet look gelling your hair is that it sets your face into focus and makes you look rugged and masculine. Use this look if you have a square jaw or chiselled features.

  • If you would just like to have your hair behave, use a styling mousse after you wash your hair and while it is still damp and then blowdry as normal. Do not under any circumstances wet gel your hair if your hair is thinning on the top. You don’t want to look like a greasy scalp. And lastly, this is not the time to go for that golf ball haircut you’ve always wanted. Be classic and simple.


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