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Floral décor trends in Indian weddings

We know that all of us are so flattered by modernity, we have made everything technical.  With this Hi-tech touch in the modern world, we haven’t forgotten about our traditions and rituals. Especially when it comes to weddings and their decoration, most families still prefer conventional designs.

The most conventional style that struck our mind when we give a thought about wedding decorations is the use of flower decoration. An Indian wedding without flowers is unimaginable as the most basic ceremony of floral garlands exchange includes original flowers. Flowers add charm and grace to the occasion thus increasing the aesthetic factor of the surrounding. Different flowers hold different significances. For example, Marigold is considered sacred and symbolizes Prosperity and togetherness.

Modern floral decoration ideas for weddings

The flowers are not only used for garlands they are used for the decoration of the dome, chandelier, alley, photo booth, casket baskets, and floral curtains, and at present time people also décor flowers to float in the venue’s watery areas.

This decoration includes multitudinous areas of a venue including the Entrance, Canopy, Photo booth, Tables, Wedding stage, and Garlands. Here, we are going to present a few ideas about floral decoration for weddings.

The entrance gateway

The foremost noticed place by all the guests. The choice of the variation of the flower depends on whether the occasion is in the morning or at night. Multiple lych-gates decorated with  Roses and Mogars which are the most used kind of flower along with a lightening crystal glass modern LED chandelier. Or you have the option to go for drop-down bonds of traditional marigold flowers along with banana leaves.

The table décor

Floral decor of table

When we visit any wedding the food tables are something that makes the entire place look attractive. Whether it’s the quality and colour of linen used to cover it or the flower bookie of multitudinous flowers with chocolates used to decorate it. The idea for floral vases will always be there and we can also choose floral festoon to decorate table linen from the corners. We would like to suggest going for light colour flowers instead of dark, as they look more convincing like Jasmine, Cherry or white roses.

Wedding Stage Floret Furnishing

During the entire wedding, the Stage on which the groom and the bride are supposed to take blessings from all the guests becomes a centre of attraction for all and its decoration is noticed by all. Floral decoration as it is the traditional way but as per the latest trend the stage is supposed to keep as basic and as simple as possible. We would suggest little and choosy flowers should be used in the stage decoration to make it look classier and simply attractive. Daisy and Red roses are the most recommended flowers for stage decorations.

Tempting trendy garlands

When we talk about the stage, the next thing that comes up to our mind is garlands. Although most people use artificial garlands to keep them for a long time after their wedding. If one opts for an original floral garland, one should choose Purple orchid garlands as they are light in weight and won’t add any more burden to the wedding pair’s shoulders.

Flowery Photo booth

Try and use dark-shade flowers for your wedding booth’s decoration, as they will compliment everyone who will stand or sit in front of them and their outfits will be flaunty shown during the photo session. And if you like to keep it light with flowers with your photo booth you can do a merger of dark grassy leaves and light flowers combination.

Canopy floral display

The purest and uncontaminated place of wedding where the actual and most holy prayers are done. This place, if decorated with flowers, should be with the lotus flowers as it is known as the most sacred among all. You can opt for colourful linens along with these flowers. In the second place, marigolds are suggested whether yellow or orange with banana leaves.

Here we hope this information will lead you somewhere to decide and decorate your wedding venue as per the traditional way of using original flowers instead of plastic ones, as originals will add another level of fragrance and calmness to the wedding place.


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