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Engrossing Meal Segments at Wedding Band Ceremony

Food is something that attracts a wide range of people, whether it is the octogenarian grandfather/grandmother or the bairn who are more inclined towards fast food on any occasion. Wedding food is likeable to all, as we get a variety of meals in one place.

We have this tradition to start with starters, then go to the Chaat bhandar, then leave for the main course and further end it with something sweet or hot (in winter). Why shouldn’t we attempt some unconventional styles for our food counters?

We would like to share with you the pristine ideas about the different food counters you can opt for this season. For the new generations, a different variety of designs are available here for all those who are planning a ring ceremony and would like to make it an enticing affair.

Variations in attractive food counters

Although it depends on the budget of the person what should be included in the menu and what not, whether it’s going to be completely vegetarian or non-vegetarian and the climate influences the variation in the food. The idea we have today for catering patterns is something which can fit into any of the categories. Let’s precise the idea and name each counter in a groovy way to make your special day memorable.

  • The vigorous section
The healthy side

At any celebration, we get to meet that group of people who are more inclined towards their health and get worried whenever they visit any function. This section is particularly for them to enjoy their time and alongside keeping their health as a priority. This section includes fruit chat’s and vegetable chat’s.

  • The oven region
The baked variety

It’s for the people more interested in getting a taste out of healthy food, as no or very less oil is used to prepare any item in an oven. The trending ideas in this category include Macchi Ke Sooley, chicken seekh, home-style pasta, Mushroom and lentil fritters, Indian-style chicken, pizza, chocolate and almond cookies.

  • The relishing fry corner
Teekha with Meetha

Whether it’s about vegetarian murukku or non-vegetarian chicken-65, people relish eating it piping hot with a variety of chutneys. Fried food is very much famous at weddings as many people take a break from their regular healthy lifestyle and would like to taste it together by enjoying the occasion. The fried food is usually spicy but a plain variety is also available in it like meduada and sev.

  • The beverage part
Chilled-Hot drinks combo

The consumption of soft or cold, hot or chilled drinks is enjoyed by the people at any wedding. It indeed becomes a must as the food consumption is in a way more than the regular diet in the wedding and the drinks help us to digest the food. This section can include any soft/cold drinks or any hot coffee/tea in it.

  • The saccharine side
Sweet and lovely

Most people love having sweets after the main course but considering ice cream, people like in taking it before food. Preparatory or succeeding the main food. This section at present has a variety of options available like amrakhand, fruit cream rice kheer, kheerer patishapta, and rose & gulkand kulfi.

  • The Booze company
The group corner

This is one of the most enjoyed portions on any occasion. People enjoy alcohol together in groups and share their moments. The trending alcohol ideas we have with us are cocktails, bear&wine, champagne, vodka and bourbon. Little shots are also preferred at this corner for people who don’t want to get drunk but just wanted to enjoy with little drinking

These are a few ideas that we shared with you, I hope they will help you in some way to find more new inspirations for planning the sections that you would like to add to your ring ceremony.


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