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Enchanting Mandap Floral Décor

While looking for a wedding venue, we usually scan the area and look for various sites booking it, and we expect the planners to decorate as per our tastes and preferences. We look at a separate area for our pheras and wish it to be decorated as beautifully as the entire venue. For all the same reasons, we wish the mandap to look picture-perfect. Wedvendors brings you the top five rectangular mandap décor ideas for all the brides-to-be who love some floral aesthetics.

Romantically Red

Red Floral Mandap Decor

Immerse yourself in the colour of love, red, as you exchange your vows under this floral mandap. Incorporate single-coloured red roses throughout the decoration. Begin by decorating the pillar and top with flowers and adding various green leaves to cut off the monotonous approach. Let some straight flower sticks hang upside down from the chandelier and have petals spread across the venue’s floor, especially on the walkway to the mandap. To accentuate, add some red drapes to the pillar with golden drapes to cover it as a backdrop. Alongside, choose the boldness of gold to enhance the aesthetics and use it for chairs and lamp sticks.

Less Is More

Lighter Hues Of Pink Mandap

This love floral mandap is for couples who love flowers but do not wish to go overboard with them. This mandap décor is perfect if set with a beach or river as the backdrop as it will allow the drapes to move along with the breeze and will blend well too. Choose to go with similar coloured flowers, mostly with lighter hues of pink with soft hints of green leaves. Keep everything to its minimum as that is what will add soul to this mandap.

Delicacy Of Pastels

Pastel Mandap Decor


This floral mandap is perfect for a hill station outdoor pheras ceremony. As the sun begins to set, let you and your guests absorb the beautiful vibes with this eye-pleasing mandap décor. This rectangle mandap provides ample space for getting perfect photographs, and the floral mandap décor only adds to the overall aesthetics. The pastel flowers are aligned close to each other to add volume, and the green leaves make the colour of the flowers pop out even more.

Graceful White Accents

White Mandap Floral Decor

Nothing seems more subtle and graceful than a hint of white. White is a breathable colour that allows other colours to dominate and shine. If you are choosing white as your ideal floral mandap décor, then you need not worry about your pictures because white flowers will only enhance the overall vibe of your wedding pictures. Choose to have the top covered entirely with lush green leaves and white flowers and leave the delicate golden pillar work as a candle holder to accentuate the aesthetic and work in a perfect balance of decorations.

Offbeat Maximalist

Decorated Floral Mandap

This might not be an appealing floral mandap décor for everyone out there, but if you are someone who wishes to travel the road less travelled, this can be your unique chance. Choose all the darkest flowers out there in a similar colour range and have them placed in bunches on the pillar. Starting heavy at the top of the pillar and reducing little by little as it progresses downward. Keep the roof open to allow light to penetrate amid this heaving decorated floral mandap and enhance the vibe by covering the floor in a similar purple or magenta-coloured cloth.


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