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Diwali makeup inspirations for Newlywed Brides

Diwali is just around the corner! The right makeup for Diwali is just as important as the perfect attire. All the newlywed ladies want to glam up a little more for their first festive celebration. Makeup tips are therefore always required. We must undoubtedly continue experimenting with our looks because there are so many events and parties to attend. Picking your makeup approach should be done while keeping this in mind. It’s important to know what goes well with what. Of course, your facial features, level of comfort, and face shape all come into play. Considering everything, it may be challenging to select the right makeup trend. We’re going to make it much simpler for you to do that.

Wedding Affair has lot of amazing tips to ace your Diwali makeup.

Soft Glam Look for the night.

Delicate Glam Look!

Ladies, I’m sure you’ve already made up your mind on what you’ll wear for Diwali, but what about your makeup? If you are still deciding on it, we suggest getting the soft glam look. The delicate glam makeup look is the ideal choice if you want to wear a heavy Indian kurta or suit, and you can add even more panache to the appearance by donning some excellent, substantial, oxidised jewellery. For sure, this complements it well. We describe a fashion aesthetic as “soft glam” when it lies in between demure and glam. It might be crucial to get the ideal balance for your festive beauty look. Therefore, before moving on, we advise looking at a number of tutorials. Some components of a strong makeup look are dark matte eyes, bold liner, nearly blinding highlighter, effective contouring, and neatly overlined lips.

Monochromatic Drama

Slay the monochromatic way!

If your overall outfit is colourful and bold, going for a monochromatic makeup look will enhance your complete look. Applying the same tint on your lips, cheeks, and eyes will create a beautiful look that is easier to pull off than you may think. Use a creamy colour since they are more malleable; even finger application works for this kind of makeup. Following the monochromatic theme, you could achieve a dramatic effect by wearing berry-hued lipstick, shiny lip gloss, and slightly smudged eyeshadow on the lids.

The Elegant smokey look

The black Smokey Eye stunner!

Ladies, if you want a bold and creative look, you may go for stunning smoky eyes. Once again, you would need to refer to proper tutorials in order to get this look. But when done well, there is no attractiveness. If you have nice, huge eyes, be sure to pick a gorgeous smudged kajal. If your eyes are small, thin nude kajal with smoky undertones could be a perfect option for you. Since you need to balance it out with this look, your lips will need to be softer. If the lehenga or saree has exquisite motifs and gorgeous colours, you can wear it with them.

The Captivating No-makeup makeup Look

Be Natural!

Most definitely, a no-makeup makeup look is the most attractive and captivating sight ever! Ironically, though, it can be difficult to achieve, which is what makes it hilarious. Consider looking at multiple tutorials, practising the look, and then giving it a go. This festive makeup look works with anything. Make sure, though, that you only wear simple attire if you’re genuinely interested in adhering to this aesthetic look. A simple saree, a light suit, or a lehenga with little embellishment could be suitable.

That’s all, ladies! These were some of the Diwali makeup looks that you might want to give a try. Feel free to experiment and switch between these looks during the whole festive season; trust me, you will need them. As a result, trying something new every time will keep your looks fresh and your overall feeling great!


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