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When it comes to innovation and creativity, the entire bridal couture all-encompassing the outfit, the hairdo, the makeup, to even the jewellery can be personalised. This innovation has become a part of the trends with the new-aged brides, especially with bridal kaleere. Earlier, brides used to stick with the same old golden kaleeras with basic designs. Nowadays, a plethora of innovations has been indulged into getting the perfect kaleere for each bride.

Are you one of those brides who love to experiment? Are you looking for inspiration to get your kaleeras spiced up with innovation as well? Then, dear bride-to-be, you’re at the right place. We’ll provide a list of kaleera innovations that have been trending lately for you to choose your preferred pick.

The Doli

The Doli Kaleera


Etching the theme of the wedding diaspora into reality, the doli-inspired kaleere is the perfect fit for any bride. It also depicts the charm of carrying the traditions forward in a creative manner.

The Unusual

The Unusual Kaleera

The unusual kaleere, as the name suggests, are a little different and more on the quirkier side of the kaleera spectrum. The unusual kaleere could be an embodiment of any out of the norm shapes or artefacts used in the kaleeras.

The Charming

The Charming Kaleera

By this what we mean is that the kaleeras that have charms latched on to them. More often than not, these charms are personalised and depict a story, the story of the couple. It is an extremely personalised way to get your kaleeras made.

The Customised And Personalised

Customised Kaleera

The customised or personalised kaleere are the ones that are made to order especially for the bride. Now, customisations in these kaleeras may be in the form of the groom’s name, wedding hashtags, or charms in themselves.

The Seashells

Seashells Kaleera

Especially ideal for beach-loving brides or if the wedding is taking place in a beach wedding destination, then seashell kaleeras would be idyllic for the bride. These seashell kaleeras are everlasting and provide an extravagant feel to the entire look of the bride. Hence, making the entire ensemble complete.

The Tassels

The Tassels Kaleera

Not only limited to dresses or hangings, but tassels have also taken over the kaleera trends by storm. There is a wide variety of tassel kaleere to choose from. From pastels to colours, these tassel kaleeras add an extra oomph to your kaleeras, making the entire outfit complete.

The Coconut And Makhane

Coconut And Makhane Kaleera

These types of kaleeras are typically worn by traditional Punjabi brides. In yesteryears, the traditional Punjabi kaleeras were made out of coconuts in the shape of umbrellas. The shapes were then accompanied by silver or makhane in order to store beetle nuts and dry fruits for the bride’s swift journey to her Sasural. You can bring the transition back and rock these dried coconut and makhane kaleeras for your own wedding even today. These kaleeras are also perfect for intercultural weddings between a Punjabi and South Indian couple. As coconuts are essential that needs to be used in some way or the other in South Indian weddings, it makes a perfect opportunity for a splendid blend of these two cultures.

The Ivory

Ivory Kaleera

Steering away from the traditional choice of gold kaleeras, you can even use ivory-hued kaleeras to wear with your dreamy ivory bridal outfit. These kaleeras look so classy and chic that you’re going to thank yourself for selecting them as your choice.

The Floral

Floral Kaleera

You can make florals as part of your kaleeras as well, not just the wedding decor. The floral kaleeras are lightweight, easy to carry, and look elegant as well. If you are a floral lady, we definitely recommend you these kaleeras for your special day.

The Embedded Pearls

Embedded Pearls Kaleera

Pearls for days! That’s the only correct way to describe these beatific kaleeras and do them justice. With the blanket of pearls dangling from the umbrella-like structure, these kaleeras are the ultimate showstoppers and would definitely complete your extravagant bridal ensemble.

The Minimalistic

Minimalistic Kaleera

For our minimalistic brides who always like to keep it simple and practical, we got you. Now, you don’t have to comprise tradition for comfort. These minimalistic single kaleeras are so Pinterest-worthy that they are taking over the internet.

The Long Long Long

Long Kaleeras

The sheer opposite of the minimalistic kaleeras would the ones that are larger than life. These elongated kaleeras are nothing short of a statement. So if you are a minimalist bride who likes things larger than life, then do consider these kaleeras.

The Gotta Patti

Gotta Patti Kaleera

These kaleeras are a showstopper to put it simply. The gotta patti is such a unique concept when it comes to kaleeras that this particular choice elevates the entire outfit of the bride.

The Detachables

Detachable Kaleera

The detachable kaleeras are a fairly new concept that is being loved by brides all over the country. And rightfully so. These detachable kaleeras look elegant and are practical at the same time. It’s a two-fer!

With this assortment of kaleeras, we genuinely believe that you would have been able to find your perfect pick to choose for your wedding.


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