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Décor For Your Wedding Food Feast

Most of us enjoy a wedding meal like no other. Delicious traditional Indian food coupled with a firang twist of cuisines serve as perfect satiation to our taste buds. Adding to it, the most delicious coffee and chai can be found in the wedding ceremonies only. But what adds to the actual appeal of the wedding feast is the appeal of the wedding food counters. The prettier they look, the hungrier we get. Wed Vendors recommends some of the best decoration ideas to amp-up your wedding feast.

  1.     Flower Décor


This is the most classic and elegant decoration for any occasion. Especially for wedding feast counters look particularly regal with the fragrant flowers giving a royal aura to the whole atmosphere.

  1.     Lanterns


Giving a softer touch to the overall wedding decorations, lanterns look particularly attractive in low lights. With a traditional touch, the lanterns are the perfect source of the desi touch to your wedding décor. In the food counters, the desi decoration multiplies the appeal of the desi food.

  1.     Open Bars


How is an Indian wedding complete without the booze? So special attention must be paid to the alcohol counter of the wedding where the guests can just cheer up and order their favourite drinks. An open bar is a perfect place for the booze-lovers to go and chill at.

  1.     DIY Station


A special section can be devoted to the salad and chaat lovers where they can enjoy their meal while selecting their favourite sauces, toppings and masalas. The subway sandwiches and veggies can be selected by the customers as per their wishes.

  1.     Fibre Set Up


A fibre set up for the wedding décor looks quite appealing and extravagant. Plus, it is sturdy and practical. A fibre-setup will look your wedding feast counters look grand and magnanimous with minimal efforts.

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