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Checklist for your Wedding Budget- check and mate!

Wedding Planning is not a child’s play and neither is budgeting. From Pre-Wedding photo shoots, engagement to the main ceremony ‘The Wedding’ and then the Reception, all of it burns a hole in any man’s pocket. A prior organised checklist helps you tighten your belts and be prepared. Instead of costing yourself an arm and a leg for the wedding, go all safe with a checklist.

Weddings are an open invitation to the misuse of money and unjust treatment of the finances. The various arrangements can lead to the unnoticed flow of money, the main reason of extra disburse. A categorical planning of the various segments to spend on, assists you to do better management of your wedding as well as minimizes the misspend.

Keep a Clear Wedding Picture

Keeping a picture of what kind of marriage ceremony you want to host in your mind is the first step towards a successful budgeting. Re imagine the dream you have always visualized and set your mind accordingly. Decide whether you want it to be an intimate affair with your family and close friends, a huge shindig with all your acquaintances, or a destination wedding. Contemplate the mood of the occasion, the décor and food and beverages. But don’t forget the budget you planned in your mind.

Prepare a list

Now compose a list informing of all the things you are opting for the ceremony. Jot down the things you want for your wedding, do not leave a single point from it.


Your budget and your imagination, might not be sailing on the same boat. It is time to prioritize the items, keeping in mind the desires of your partner. Omit the unnecessary stuff which will burn a hole in your pocket and will be an extra addition to your spending without a cause.

Always keep a margin

It is a sure shot truth that things won’t go as you imagined and this can lead to disorganization in your plan. So, it is always advisable to keep a cautious margin beforehand. Putting this in action won’t hinder your preparations for each and every function and can even leave you with some unspent money at the end, marking the completion of your wedding party in budget.

Making a Checklist

Prepare a plan now that will contain the list of all you need for your wedding day as well as the occasions before and after it. Pen down things from level zero to the most important ones. Prepare a different plan for every ceremony that you will be hosting. This will give you an overall idea of how much finances you are going to employ.

Sticking to the Plan

There is no room for last minute whims here. The most important part comes right after you have made the list – sticking to the checklist. Resisting temptations that entice and lure you into splurging, you will have to echo with the plan. Don’t let the excuse ‘this item requires more money than mentioned’ get to your head.

Including some money for the miscellaneous

No matter how hard you try, some expenses will emerge out of nowhere. Keeping some money aside for these tasks will let you prepared. These small amounts can get huge if not kept a check.


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