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Bridal Hairstyle Inspirations From The Celebs

Among the most important, in the beauty list for a bride, is a perfect hairstyle that highlights grace, beauty, and elegance. The options, though, are endless. In the quest for finding the perfect hairstylist, the best hairstyle inspiration, and the most suitable accessories, the brides often forget to put their own personal touches to their hairstyles. While the hairstyles must complement the wedding outfit, they must also suit the bride’s face-cut while being as comfortable as possible. Our recent past has seen various celebrity weddings, and the following hairstyle trends set by the famous brides may help you select your bridal hairstyle –

  1.     Anushka Sharma’s Floral Hair


Many of us would not be able to get over the angelic wedding of Virushka. Not anytime soon. It makes sense then, to take inspiration for bridal hairstyles from the gorgeous Anushka Sharma who weaved her hair with pink-and-white peonies.

  1.     Sonam Kapoor’s Twisted Braids

    Bollywood Shaadis

Sonam Kapoor’s wedding was filled with fun and traditions. So were her hairstyles. All her hairstyles for her wedding ceremonies were traditional, yet different. The twisted braids that were sported by her on an off-white lehenga exhibited gracefulness.

  1.     Priyanka Chopra’s Gentle Waves


Priyanka Chopra’s Christian wedding dress was designed by Ralph Lauren. Her hairstyle for the wedding defined elegance. The gentle waves softly falling on her face played the perfect highlights for her delicate wedding gown. She appeared as one of the most iconic brides.

  1.     Deepika Padukone’s Classic Gajra


The gajra styled by Deepika Padukone for her Konkani wedding was a classic bridal look accentuated by Deepika’s beauty. Classic, sleek, simple – the recipe for a breathtaking hairstyle for your wedding.

  1.     Shloka Mehta’s Breezy Curls

    Bollywood Shaadis

The Ambanis are known for their lavish lifestyle, gigantic parties, and their fashion foot forward. There have been two Ambani weddings recently; both of them enormous; both of them stylish. Take inspiration from Shloka Mehta and go breezy for your wedding hairstyles this season.

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