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Bewitching Feet Mehendi Designs For The Millennial Brides

With gorgeous never-ending florals, line patterning through each other and varied designs beautifully entwining together, that perfect mehendi design that a bride-to-be consistently seeks for is a tough nut to crack. It requires a lot of designs recce to land up on that one design that calms and satisfies your soul making you go “phew.., finally”! 

For that never-ending search of yours for that “my kinda mehndi design” we at Wedding Affair, are always on a hunt to fetch latest and fresh mehndi designs to aid you with the best(est) ones. Be it exquisite hand designs, splendid designs for your backhands or ringin’ in all new trends floating around, our kitties are no less than a Santa’s bag—always full of new and surprising ideas.

Keeping up with our duties this time around, we’ve fished out some charming and freshest of foot mehndi designs for all you 2019 brides. These latest foot mehndi designs are the only ones that you should be looking through to find the one that speaks to your heart.

Get. Set. Screenshot.

  1.  An offbeat pattern with spacious scallops, miniature leaves, and flowy lines, this foot mehndi design is super elegant.

  2.  Ladies, bel patterns aren’t just meant for the hands. These Arabic mehndi patterns can be as stunningly incorporated in your feet mehndi designs as they are in hands.

  3. An opulent infusion of flowy bels, checks and flowers, this latest foot mehndi design has our hearts and we can’t take our eyes off it.

  4. We love how these huge peacocks are surrounded by beauteous work of art.

  5. Thickly accentuated hearts, dots, and leaves take this popular foot mehndi design a notch higher making it one of our favourites.

  6. With pretty elephant portraits and enchanting similar patterns, this surely makes up for one of the best foot mehndi designs.

    @ the_wedding_frame
  7. Attributing to being one of the best foot mehndi design types, a mandala pattern in the centre, with a beautiful design on toes and ankles, is what so many brides opt for.

  8. A simplistic single bel design with small leaves forming the perfect and super unique design.


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