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When you search for #bridalmakeup on Instagram, you’ll be flooded with nearly nine million images demonstrating a variety of styles, from extravagant to subtle. While most photos make for great digital content, you want your wedding book to serve as a reminder of how joyful you were rather than being overshadowed by obtrusive makeup that was once in style. A simple makeup look that embraces a colour palette with neutral tones merely amplifies your natural beauty effortlessly, regardless of whether you’re wearing anything on the darker side or something on the lighter side. However, just because we’re talking about minimal makeup looks, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a straightforward “no-makeup” approach. With a variety of playful accents, such as colourful eyeliners, a dewy base, vibrant lipstick, etc., you may liven up a simple makeup look. On your wedding day, minimalist makeup styles can work well since they are dreamy without being over the top.

If you want to keep your makeup as natural as possible on your wedding day, here are a few ideas to help you pull it off!

  • Add some Colours

 Minimal eye colour popThe majority of MUAs undoubtedly use all of their neutral-coloured eyeshadow palettes while going for a simple makeup look. But every now and again, we see expert makeup artists dress their brides in a simple base and then accentuate it with either vibrant eyes or striking lips. MUAs and brides both are pushing us to embrace colours in a way we’ve never done by ditching the nudes and using vibrant and distinctive colours to create makeup looks that are remarkable.

  • Keeping it Natural

 Minimal natural makeupEvery bride faces the conundrum of deciding between natural cosmetics and high-glam makeup. Additionally, some brides who choose the latter option can look stunning even when wearing very little makeup. Sincere to goodness, a lot of credit for their great skincare regimen goes to the makeup artists who make it possible. With their natural-looking makeup, these brides look flawlessly attractive while maintaining a natural shine!

  • Add the perfect glow

Glowing minimal makeupNothing, whether a minimal or full makeup look, is complete without a dollop of highlighter. Yes, you heard correctly. Glowing makeup styles are more difficult to master than most people realise. To make their brides gleam without making them look like they’ve been covered in highlighter, MUAs must possess a certain amount of artistic skill.

  • The minimal Smokey Eyes

Minimal smokey eye makeupThe subtle smokey eye makeup is popular among brides for their wedding day. Without applying too much eyeshadow, it gives their eyes a lot of depth and makes them look seductive. And everyone is aware of the tried-and-true fact that smokey eyes, whether dramatic or subtle, look their best when paired with natural lips and a little foundation. After all, in this situation, you need your eyes to dazzle.

  • Play with shimmer

 Minimal Shimmering MakeupWith all kinds of new trends appearing and even some old ones resurfacing, we’re extremely happy to see glittering eyeshadow making a resurgence. Instead of glitter, many brides and their bridal makeup artists opted to put on sparkly eyeshadows. Regardless of the weather, these are not only incredibly attractive and dazzling to look at, but they are also far less messy to transport. If you want to add more luminosity to your look as a monsoon bride, skip the glitter and go for a shimmering eyeshadow instead!


The complete bridal look is achieved using a variety of essential elements, one of which is bridal makeup. And not every makeup look needs to be extravagantly glitzy or make a statement. Today, every bride’s favourite and go-to choice is a minimal makeup look. Additionally, we affirm its beauty as much as they do!

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