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Beauty Regimen For Bride-To-Be

So you have finally found the man of your dreams who is crazy enough (or simply crazy) to come riding down to your doorstep and swipe you right off your feet! Or someone who can stand below your bedroom window after 12 am, just to fly you goodnight kisses (sigh!) Well, that was easy girl. The real challenge is your ‘D-Day’ when the entire world will be invited to watch your ‘life-circus-out’ in full glory. Weddings can be crazy, wild, glamorous, simple, elegant, traditional in between all the wedding planning and organizing. But one aspect remains unchanged in every case; a nervous-to-the-bits Bride, a long hectic day ahead and the pressure to look beautiful no matter how much your new bridal heels are actually killing you. Well girls, we have compiled a little list of pre-marriage beauty tips which also includes a beauty regimen for Indian brides to help you make the best out of your wedding day and to help you breeze-by the ‘most important day of your life’.

  1. Four To Six Months Ahead

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A bride should make a list of all her skin problems and expectations before using any beauty product or going to the skin expert. Nowadays women experience many skin problems like acne, dermatitis, pigmentation, dark circles, tanned skin and any other medical skin conditions especially on special occasions like wedding. So in these conditions without getting late they should start finding a proper solution. Laser hair removal is a painless way to beat the embarrassing body and facial hair. Other problems like acne scar, rejuvenation, sunburn, wrinkles etc derma roller and mesotherapy are good options. Increased weight or body shaping is also a concern for many brides so they should go for a proper diet or else laser lipolysis (i-lipo) which helps to get instant results. Early care will come with early glow!!

  1. One To Two Months Ahead

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There is still time at this point to take care of the finer aspects. A bride is suggested to maintain a beautiful and perfect body before and after her wedding. Girls are mostly concerned about their hairy skin. For that, they can remove hair permanently. Hand wrinkles and cracked heels are also serious problems which can be removed with using beauty products and taking proper treatments. 4-6 week ahead you can get rid of lines and wrinkles, skin rejuvenation, opulence, fine lines, face contouring, uneven tone & texture and lip and dental problems. These facial problems can be solved with maintaining a healthy diet with day to day skincare.

  1. Two To Three Days Before Your D-Day!


This is the time when cocktails and parties begin and quick fixes save the day. Late night parties could make you look dull and tired but you have to maintain your gorgeous look by taking proper sleep and there are many facial treatments available which tighten your skin and bring back your glow.

Hence for a bride, there are many options available to look her best before and after her D-Day. Home remedies, diet, expert consultation, the daily habit can make your wedding day a very special day.

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