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A Guide To Choose the Best Wedding Hospitality Management

We Indians have always adhered to and held on to the notion of “Atithi Devo Bhava,” which translates to “Our guest is like God.” In India, welcoming visitors is one of the best ways to showcase our culture, compassion, and love for people. And at large Indian weddings, it is very crucial to handle guests and take care of their needs properly, and a professional hospitality management staff makes sure to treat the visitors as you would treat each and every one of them individually. The trained team takes care of every need and reservation, along with other logistical requirements, starting with collecting RSVP confirmations, their arrivals, local transportation, and accommodations, all the way up to their return. They are aware of how a small error may not only ruin the guest’s experience, but it may also at any point become the root of a serious problem.

Wedvendors provides you with the key points that will help you enlighten yourself to judge and hire the best Hospitality Management Team for your wedding:

  • Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitation
Wedding Invitation, pic credit- WeddingSutra

In the highly advanced technology era we live in, virtually inviting your guest by email or WhatsApp is fairly common. However, a hospitality management team’s first task is to personally invite each visitor and remind them of all the details in case they missed the emails or text messages. The hospitality team will make sure to call and remind every visitor about the wedding event to ensure that they are there, so you don’t have to worry about your guests attending the wedding. It demonstrates civility and consideration in the midst of a wedding rush.

  • Keeping In Touch With Outstation Guests

Managing The calls For Outstation Guest
Call Management on Check!

It is a crucial and chaotic aspect of weddings. If you invite guests who are staying elsewhere, last-minute mayhem may result. But don’t worry; as soon as your wedding dates are finalised, your hospitality management staff will send invitations to the distant guests. They will plan their trip and travel to your wedding. The team will also take care of their stay once they arrive. This requires the utmost care, effort, and focus. Everyone who stays must experience the greatest amenities and have nothing to complain about. To finalise the guest list and notify them of all the preceding arrangements, the team will be in continuous touch with every guest staying outside of the city.

  • Handling Pickups and Drops Of Guests

Handling Pickups and Drops of Wedding Guest
Welcoming Guest!

The skilled crew excels in handling all guest pick-ups, whether it be for a single guest or for the complete group. If the receiver doesn’t know the person, he will carry placards with their names during the pickup. The team will set transportation so that guests can be driven comfortably to the location. The skilled team meticulously plans the pick-up and transportation in accordance with flight timings.

  • Stay Arrangements

welcoming guest
Grand Welcome for The Guest

The number of outstation visitors might be considerable. In other words, unless you move into a haveli, you won’t be able to fit them all in your house! They should have all the amenities, so it is very important to reserve their hotel rooms. A convenient site is one that is close to both your home and the wedding venue. To ensure that every guest enjoys a hassle-free stay, proper planning and advance reservations are required. In order to guarantee that every visitor has a pleasant and enjoyable stay, the professional team also handles all hotel procedures.

  • Venue Management

Venue management
Management of the Venue!

To guarantee a hassle-free event, reserving a location alone is insufficient. In accordance with the client’s choice, we take on specific duties to manage the venue’s cooperation with the client, ensuring that the correct things take place at the right time. For instance, all room check-ins according to each guest’s travel information are then categorised under¬†pre-check-ins, on-time check-ins, and late check-ins.

  • Well-Groomed Team

Well groomed hotel staff
The Well Groomed Team!

The guest handling staff is extensively trained to manage all guest needs graciously and formally from the moment they arrive to the time they go. They are always well groomed and dressed in uniforms or as appropriate for the occasion.

This is why a skilled hospitality management team would exercise extreme caution while handling the guests and make sure to double verify everything starting with the “Planning to Execution” phase. Each of your guests will enjoy themselves to the fullest and have the finest possible hospitality experience while the hospitality crew is at work.


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