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A Guide For Gifting To Newly Weds

Have you recently received a wedding invitation? Are you tired of giving out money in the name of shagun as a wedding gift to newly weds? Or is the new couple-to-be very special to you and the thought of gifting them something meaningful has you tossing and tumbling? If the answer to any of these questions was yes, then, dear friend, you need assistance in choosing the perfect gift for the couple-to-be.

With wedding season comes the extra stress of choosing the perfect gift for the newly wed couple. You could either go the traditional way and gift them a décor or a household item or choose something classy that would be useful at the same time. Up your gifting game with the trends of the current generation and be gone with the old.

We’re not saying that old ways of gifting are bad, we’re just saying they might be outdated. And no shade to the household items as gifts either because you’ll see a couple of household items too, henceforth. To help you with opting for the perfect gift, here’s a list of gift items devised for your kind perusal.

Honeymoon Tickets

You can also book the round flight tickets for their honeymoon. Surprise them with a location completely new, adventurous, and obviously romantic. Flight tickets booked for a fancy location, somewhere that the couple has never visited before, would make a perfect gift. We do recommend you to acknowledge their honeymoon budget though. You wouldn’t want to send them to a location that is out of their budget. A romantic and relaxing vacation at a resort of their liking would make a gift that they’ll truly appreciate. The idea behind this gift option is to provide them the opportunity to spend the beginning of their marriage in some peace and tranquility. Also giving them the opportunity to spend some quality time together to relax and truly unwind after the hustle and bustle of the wedding.

Mini-Bar Cart

Mini Bar Cart

If this gift idea intrigues you, chances are that you know the couple well as alcohol connoisseurs. And what would make a more perfect gift than a mobile mini-bar cart itself? A couple who enjoys serving their superior collection of alcohol to their guests would definitely appreciate this gift and you as well.

Decanter Set

Decanter Set

Now, if the mini-bar cart is something that falls out of your budget, fret not. You can go for a fancy decanter set as a gift option. A couple that enjoys unwinding with a glass of hard liquor paired with a fancy decanter would really appreciate this gift. It befalls under the budget and looks super fancy and classy at the same time. It’s a win-win.

Bordeaux Wine Glasses Set

Bordeaux Wine Glasses Set

Another budget-friendly option for liquor connoisseurs would be a fancy set of Bordeaux wine glasses. Trust us! There’s nothing more fancy than pulling out a set of chic wine glasses to pour in some wine to your guests. Even if the couple aren’t wine connoisseurs, they’d still appreciate this classy gift.

Personalized Gift Hampers

Self-care is all the rage these days. But many have reduced it’s meaning to cosmetic products and limited self-care to the beauty and wellness industry. Whereas, it’s much more than that. If you really want to gift the couple-to-be something to remember you by, give them personalized baskets of hampers containing all the little trinkets that might bring them joy. It’s such a heartwarming way to show that you care and can also become a tangible manner to cherish the memories of your bond with the couple.

Fancy Luggage

Fancy Luggage For Newlyweds

The most practical gift at this point of time would be a fancy luggage set. As the couple are supposed to go on their honeymoon soon, this could give them the opportunity to travel in comfort, luxury, and style. Be it weekend getaways after they come back from the honeymoon, a luggage set is truly something that can put to use for years to come, making it the perfect gift for a newly wed couple. Nowadays, luggage sets with hand-painted inscriptions or foils coupled with personalization details are fantastic options to customize their gifts. It is truly a one-of-a-kind wedding gift that can be used by the pair for years while traveling to explore new destinations.

Name Plate

Name Plate For Newlyweds

After the culmination of two should into one, the next step comes out to be sharing a living space together, building a life together. By gifting them a personalized nameplate, you’ll also be gifting them an intimate way to commemorate the special event. A personalized nameplate makes an outstanding gift because it signifies the coming together of two souls and making their shared living space into a home. Through customization, you can also get their wedding date added on the nameplate, etching the special day forever. This will truly be a special way to celebrate their wedding and something they will appreciate you forever.

With this elaborative list, we hope you found something perfect that befits your budget and will make the couple-to-be feel truly appreciated and cared for. Personalize to your heart’s content and show them that you do care. Happy gifting!



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