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7 things to look for when choosing a wedding choreographer

The wedding season is just around the corner, and among all the glitz and glam, there is one thing you must plan: outstanding dance performances for your sangeet. The requirement of the hour may be to acquire exquisite Shaadi outfits, hire caterers to provide delectable food, and hire decorators to make the venue look top-notch, but choosing a choreographer is not any less crucial. After all, the sangeet ritual unites friends and family and creates the atmosphere for the Shaadi. The gruelling rehearsal sessions over several weeks, the arguments over the music to be used, and the relief at eventually pulling it off are priceless!

You certainly don’t want to muck up this extremely important event, do you? If you want to choose the best choreographer for your sangeet, Wedvendors has listed seven things you can consider before choosing the ideal choreographer for your wedding!

  • Past Experiences Matter!

Choreographer past ExperienceThe expertise of the person you are choosing is the most essential factor to take into account. While they might be dancers, have danced in the past, or even taught dance, planning the choreography for a wedding is a very new challenge. A skilled wedding choreographer would take into account factors like audience compatibility, story-telling, conception, the calibre of the dancers, the best-fitting style, etc., whereas a dancer without expertise might just pay attention to the performance’s presentational worth. At a stressful moment like a wedding, knowing that you are in capable hands makes you feel much more at ease.

  • Choreographers Behaviour

Choreographer BEHAVIOURIt is crucial to choose a choreographer who gets along well with your friends and family and is sociable. Someone who is unpleasant and cold is not someone you prefer. A competent choreographer should be able to sustain their endurance because it’s possible that a few members of the family or friends may not be really good at grasping steps quickly or dancing.

  • Services Provided

 Choreographer serviceAn expert will first send a team with them. As a result, your delicate grandmother won’t need to “add swag to her hip hop” or train your stately uncle to do “thumkas” or even other belly dance moves. With a team, it is possible to modify the same routine to accommodate different levels of dancers in the family as well as varied gender preferences. On the basis of how many courses are held, choreographers are paid. Professional organisations will provide you with tutorial videos and step-by-step instructions for the routines and steps so you can practice during your free hours. You can share them with your family members and put in more practice time at home. The last thing you want to be doing on the day of the function is coordinating the music, sound, and lighting while also trying to track down the family members who will be dancing. All of this may be handled by a qualified crew, freeing you up to enjoy and unwind during your family event.

  • Practice Venue

Choreographers studioA studio is mostly accessible to professionals. Without a mirror, it is quite simple to believe you are dancing beautifully in your cosy living room. On the contrary, the instructional setting in a studio encourages you to take the session seriously and shows you where corrections need to be made if the step isn’t exactly how it should be. Additionally, it helps a lot when a group dance routine demands configuration alterations and location changes.

  • Creativity Check

 Choreographers CreativityThere is choreography for every Bollywood song available online. But most of them have been done countless times, and/or they could be hard for those who aren’t dancers to imitate without instruction. In addition to adapting the routine to your family’s level of expertise, a professional choreographer will also add something fresh and original to the mix. Furthermore, the song you consider to be the finest of all time can be one that the audience groans in unison at since it has been played so often already. Your choreographer will be knowledgeable about which songs are now popular and which ones are out-of-style because they are professionals in the field.

  • Costing

 Choreographer costingHiring a professional wedding choreographer may be relatively pricey, but you get what you pay for. The decision to go with YouTube videos or a freelancer to cut money could seem like a fantastic idea at the moment, but it might make you regret it later if the performance is unsuccessful because of overused songs and routines, uninspired choreography, or a lack of professionalism.

  • Trade License Requirement

BUSINESS LICENSEBUSINESS LICENSEIt goes without saying that it is illegal to pay or hire a choreographer who does not hold a valid business licence. And it’s also unsafe, in addition. For all parties involved, the implications might be severe if the freelancer breaches the contract or should accidentally hurt a family member due to inexperience.

We’re hoping that you’re now prepared to hire a skilled choreographer! There are a lot of verified “best wedding choreographers” listed on Wedvendors. The most crucial aspect of a wedding is the choreography; locate and pick the best wedding choreographers today.


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