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Things To Keep In Mind Before Hiring MUA

In order to enjoy your wedding to the fullest, every bride-to-be must plan out her wedding beforehand. Even the minutest detail should not be left for the last minute. No matter how much time you spend on selecting the perfect ensemble and jewellery to go with it, your look is never complete without the right makeup. Here are five tips that you should keep in mind before hiring your makeup artist (MUA).

1. Do Your Research


Decide upon the look you want and search makeup artists who can do the same for you. Most makeup artists have Instagram pages for you to go through their work. So, research well and then decide for yourself.

2. On Location Vs In The Salon


If you are having a destination wedding you will have to discuss it with the makeup artist you have decided to hire. This can also affect your budget so decide wisely about it.

3. Get A Trial


Getting a trial will give you an idea about the products that the artist uses as well as the exact look you want. Don’t shy away from discussing about your skin issues or if you want something extra to be done for your look. You can also take with you some of your ideas, this will help your makeup artist to know your preferences better.

4. Don’t Forget Your Hair


A lot of brides focus only on their outfit and makeup and end up neglecting their mane. Getting a hair trial ensures that you look perfect in all your pictures.

5.Discuss About The Pre-wedding Looks As Well


Decide on which functions you want the MUA and for which ones you do not and decide on your looks accordingly.

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