5 Exclusive Decor Ideas For Varmala Ceremony

For a soul-stirring moment like Jai mala, you need an equally impressive setup too as it is something which will stay close to your heart throughout your life. Just like your wedding is the first step of your happily ever after, varmala is the first step of tying the knot! The exchange of garlands between the bride and the groom is an age-old ritual and is considered significant to date. It is a symbol of acceptance by both the bride and groom that they are ready to take each other as husband and wife. 

This beautiful ritual surely deserves all the pomp and show in your wedding so why not add some bling to it and do it in the most offbeat ways? And a picturesque decor will surely let you steal some amazing candid shots with your beau while you exchange the pious garlands. So we are here with some quirky and eye-pleasing ideas for your varmala decor to have a picture-perfect and dreamy varmala just like you always wanted! Keep scrolling for some eye-pleasing inspo!

  1. A Dome-Shaped Set Up Along The Beach


A lovely and breathtaking sundowner varmala along the beach sounds to be perfect right? Well, this beautiful couple had it the same way and we are drooling over it! The dome-shaped structure and the shades of the sky look so dreamy and are making us go wow!

  1. A Floating Lotus-Shaped Stage


This floating lotus-shaped varmala stage setup is no less than a fairytale come true. The couple standing in between the lotus for the varmala is sure a treat for our eyes and we love how everything looks so perfect! 

  1. Setup On The Lake


On a platform in between the lake, decorated with flowers and lights, this couple is giving us some major jaimala setup goals and we are going head over heels for it! This enticing setup is all the glam you would need to rock your varmala ceremony like a pro! Also, the fireworks add the perfect bling to the already picture-perfect scene. 

  1. A Red Drape Edged To A Pole Setup


Who knew that a simple red drape can add so much glam and aesthetic to your jaimala ceremony! Standing below a red drape edged to sky-high poles, the couple had a picturesque jaimala ceremony and we are loving it to bits!

  1. An Amalgamation Of Pink And White Flowers


What can be more enchanting than a plethora of flowers in the hues of pink and white and this couple chose this mesmerizing setup for their jaimala ceremony? The royal and eye-pleasing setup is making us go gaga over it!

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