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10 Trending Wedding Card Designs in 2022

The wedding invitation is the first opportunity to formally notify your friends and family about your engagement and impending marriage. You may also use the option to share a little sneak-peak of your love story. Similarly, to how engagement announcements can help establish the mood for your wedding and offer your guests a preview of the celebration’s theme, wedding invitations and save-the-date cards can do the same. The era of pre-designed wedding invitations that only modified the names and addresses is gone for good. The wedding invitation is now regarded as the first glimpse your guests will have of your wedding festivities. The design of the wedding invitation card you pick should complement your personality. Wedvendors has compiled a selection of the latest wedding invitation card designs that will infuse you with loads of inspiration and help ease your workload.

  • Watercolour Delight

Water Colour Invitation Card
Watercolour Galore

Without discussing our favourite hand-painted watercolour invites, how can we begin a blog post on wedding invitations? We really like this one since it features peacocks, elephant motifs, and other flora and fauna. Additionally, the shades of off-white, red, and green go so beautifully together!

  • The Glittering Gold Foil

 Gold Foil Wedding Card
All That Glitters Is Gold Foil!

The gold foil gives this wedding card more dimension and flair, even if the colourful floral components are enough to make us drool. Actually, this way you can communicate that you and your partner are a minimalist duo who like jazzing up their décor by adding a little bit of gold!

  • Embossed The Names

embossed invitation cards
Embossed Wedding Invites Are Love!

An embossed wedding invitation must be on your list of choices if you’re willing to startle your guests with an invitation that seems more personalised than conventional. This engraved wedding invitation’s cool and dark colour scheme contrasts with white to display its subtle sophistication.

  • The Wedding Passports

Wedding Passport Invitation
Fly to the The United States of Matrimony!

These wonderfully designed wedding passports are among the most unusual wedding invitations we’ve recently seen, and they are amazing! Each passport is painstakingly handcrafted with details drawn from the couple’s everyday lives and their upcoming wedding celebration, and it was gleefully entitled to the name of the country or state where their wedding will be held.

  • The Invites Full of Life

colourful invites
Invites That Are Vibrant, Full of Colour & Life!

Colourful multi-page invitations are another trend we adore. These eye-catching invitation cards include a watercolour look in the backdrop, making them a classy yet simple option for individuals who are unsure of how to communicate their vision without sounding too hackneyed. These designs always flourish; trust us on that.

  • Peacock Design Elegance

 Peacock motif Invitation card
A Gorgeous Wedding Invite With Peacocks!

Indian wedding invitations often feature peacock designs, which are certainly a popular choice. They arouse a feeling of gentleness and elegance and inspire optimism for fresh starts. Additionally, these white backgrounds with peacock symbols are elegant and suitable for individuals who want a basic aesthetic.

  • Sophisticated Pastels

pastel Wedding Invitations
Elegantly Pastel To Perfection!

These colours were popular in the early 2000s and are currently back in vogue thanks to popular television shows like Euphoria and Bridgeton, which prominently highlighted their utilization. It almost feels like we’ve already returned to the early 2000s when it comes to fashion. The market for wedding invitation cards has now been penetrated by pastel hues. Most couples choose these simple, pastel wedding invitations! We are very certain that as soon as you view these lovely invitations, you’ll want to immediately add them to your vision board!

  • Sustainable Wedding Invites 

Sustainable Wedding Invitations
Sustainable Wedding Invites Are In!

Invitations designed with environmentally friendly packaging will always receive bonus brownie points. In addition to using sustainable paper for the invitations, the package can go with lovely and eye-pleasing pastel pink and light brown colour tones. It just becomes cuter with the baby’s breath on top, making it much more appealing!

  • Miniature Art Love

Miniature Wedding invitations
Miniature Art Invites Invokes Royal Aesthetics!

We adore it when designers and couples use originality in their wedding invites. Our past has always included miniature art in some way. And seeing such illustrations on a wedding invitation evokes a sense of regal aesthetics and it also gives you the chance on narrating your beautiful love story and upcoming wedding ceremonies and functions.

  • Digitally Illustrated Invites

Digitally Illustrated Invitation card
Digital Illustrated Invite That Is Bright & Colourful!

The modern trend in wedding decor is to combine unique and humorous couple caricatures with classic wedding styles. Each design strives to convey a narrative and is unique to the couple’s preferences and requirements. And just one illustration of that is this quirky and unconventional invitation.

Sometimes you may want to go with a convention and choose something traditional for your wedding invites, but occasionally certain styles can feel stuffy and out-of-date. At the same time, many people think of breaking the mould with sophisticated invitations that capture your personality as a contemporary couple. There is a style meant for everyone that suits their aesthetic preferences, whether they adore the classic cultural look or something a little more contemporary. Make sure to convey your ideas and vision well to your invitation card designer well and you are set!


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