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Ever since the dawn of time, Indian brides have donned gorgeous Chura sets in their hands. Originally, these chura sets were red and white, but nowadays, we can see brides experimenting with other hues. Some brides like to wear something unique and different from the conventional, which is why we sometimes see them wearing different colours of chura. Chura denotes a bride who has recently been married. The chura, like the mangalsutra and sindoor, is a crucial indicator of a Punjabi bride’s impending marriage. In fact, the chura has come to represent current bridal fashions. For all of the gorgeous future brides, Wedvendors has listed 10 trendy chura designs.

  • Red & Gold Chura

 Red and Gold ChuraOn your wedding day, if you decide to wear the traditional red and gold Chura, you may try accessorising it with some glitz and uniqueness to jazz it up. You can adorn it with a white bracelet with stones and the touch of Kundan in this Chura set is all you need to start a new chapter in your life. With this gorgeous Chura set, you can amp up the glam by using latkan bangles. It will undoubtedly make you want them! The ideal and conventional choices are stunning shades of evergreen red with a shimmering gold accent. Your ensemble will be enhanced and made to appear more attractive by this Dulhan Chura.

  • The exquisite White Chura

elegant white churaThe colour white has always been associated with tranquillity. This chura style is perfect for you if you’re the type of bride who adores simplicity. White and gold are a timeless colour combo. These most recent Chura designs display simplicity and beauty. Who knew how elegantly these intricately carved and white chura sets would complement the wedding attire? White-coloured Chura sets have got your back, all you brides intending to go completely pastel! Choose one of these gorgeous wedding chura designs to make a statement on your special day!

  • Customised Chura

Customised churaDo you adore custom-made items? If so, this lovely Chura design will maximise your wedding Chura design ideas! All of the eloquence can be spotted in these chura designs. If you want to express your love to your significant other, this trendy Chura design is a good option. It has a dreamlike vibe and is one of the best Dulhan chura designs. Then what are you waiting for? Grab one for your special day!

  • The Bangle and Kada Chura

Bangle and kada churaA plethora of bangles paired with gold, silver, pink, and studded, Kundan kadas create a gorgeous wedding Chura set and give the Dulhan appearance more pizzazz. While you carry out all the ceremonies in flair, enliven your wedding day with these captivating bridal Chura designs. These Chura sets are excellent choices if you’re trying to choose something special.

  • The sprinkle of Pastels

 Pastel Bridal ChuraPastels have been the choice for every millennial bride, be it in the wedding gown, decor preference, accessories, or now Chura. A pinch of pastel doesn’t do any harm or ruin your ‘oh-so-Bridal’ vibe. If pastel is your thing, then these churas are the best choice for you. You may fully experience the queen mood thanks to these regal chura designs. When you can look amazing in these beautiful pastel colours, why go for red? All contemporary brides pick colours like peach, pink, and marine green over red. As you create memories with your loved ones, take in the grandeur of the stunning Dulhan Chura.

  • Baby Pink and White Duo Chura

Pretty pink and White ChuraPink will have a special place in some brides’ hearts forever! And if you’re one of them, this one will simply melt your heart! If you want to wear a pastel-coloured lehenga, this sweet Dulhan Chura in baby pink and white is a good choice for your wedding Chura. For the ultimate finishing touch, choose a diamond necklace or white gold jewellery to complete the wedding look.

  • Classic Red and White Chura

classic red and white churaThe best option is to adhere to the convention! A die-hard admirer of the traditional red bridal chura? With the most exquisite Dulhan Chura styles for your special day, we have it all set. The red chura design will be your lifesaver if you enjoy vibrant colours. The traditional colours of Dulhan Chura are blood-red and white, and they will never go out of style. The red chura, along with a Polki necklace or Kundan jewellery, would be the perfect finishing touch if you’re going to wear classic bridal jewellery. For the ultimate Dulhan appearance, dress in a blood-red lehenga!

  • The Quirky Sea Shell Chura

Unique Sea shell ChuraHere’s a suggestion if you want to give your Dulhan chuda design a quirky touch. Try this dark red Chura with sea shells hanging from either side. In Indian weddings, shells are regarded as lucky, and they play a significant role in many wedding customs. For instance, shells are used to decorate the bridal trousseau and wedding games at Bengali weddings. Therefore, adding shells to your bridal wear would be the ideal combination of tradition and fun. For a playful contrast, use soft hues like a pastel lehenga.

  • Off Beat Rose Gold Chura

We advise choosing an unconventional colour for your Dulhan Chura if you want to be a little more innovative. You may match a rose-gold Chura set with practically every colour of lehenga or saree. The Chura colour’s matt texture gives it an ultra-chic and elegant appearance. To conquer the night, go for bronze- or nude-based makeup and dark kohl eyes!

  • Fancy Mehendi Green Chura

mehendi green ChuraTry this contrasting new chura set in Mehendi green with a few cream ones at both ends if you’re wearing a red lehenga with green borders. Especially given that you matched the lovely green bangles to the colour of the border on your lehenga, they would look fantastic. When selecting other jewellery, experiment with colour. Put on a choker necklace with green stones and big golden statement earrings, for example.

While keeping your wedding attire in mind, select your personal favourite chura design. Depending on your unique style preferences and individuality, experiment with various designs, hues, pairings, and even accents for your chura. No matter how much jewellery you have, your collection of bangles will always be the most unique. Pick your chura thoughtfully!


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